C1 Complete--Yikes, here are photos...

  • I've gotta agree with the rest of the community- you show significant results! I see more defintion in your arms and upper legs, as well as a smaller butt and tummy! Even your posture shows more confidence and poise! Ya done good, girl!

    You now know what to do to get a different shape for your body- you have done the work and it shows.

    Thanks for sharing and showing us it does work!

  • Opti, I can't believe u disappointed! That's an improvement! U being too hard on yourself! Remember we did this challenge through the most difficult part of the year for a first challenge! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! We did it and we gonna kill it from next Monday! I'll be joining same forum as u. How's Ur active rest going? I ate like a pig the last weekend but back on cardio and diet from Monday...

  • thanks a lot for all the positive comments guys!  I do tend to be hard on myself, it's gotten me to where I am today.  I guess I was reading so much about people losing 20-25 pounds, 2 dress sizes, etc.  And when I didn't.... I freaked.

    I did underestimate my flatter tummy.  i'm looking forward to going to work to wear my new clothes, and not worrying about having my shirt to conceal the bulging stomach.  

    I AM excited to see what I can do with C2!

  • Be proud girl...13 lbs is a lot of weight, congratulations :-)