Don't think I am getting great results. How to measure?

  • So, tomorrow is the end of week 5 for me. I took pictures after week 4 and did not see much change from day 1 pics. I have been eating good not missing any workouts. I have not always hit 10's but I do most of the time. when I started, I ordered body-fat calipers and it took them almost a week to get here. Originally I used an online calculator and measurements to calculate my body fat. With the calipers it shows I have lost anywhere from 1-6% of body fat, depends on which time I measure. I guess I don't know how to measure. How much of a result should I be seeing at this point? I know everyone is different, but someone can give me a bit of an estimate.  I am a bit bummed as I thought I would start seeing some good changes by now. I feel great and will continue, but I would like to see some more results soon.

  • I know it can be frustrating because I felt the same way.  Even though the scale was telling me I was making progress I didn't see any noticeable results until around week 7 or 8.  So keep at it and believe me things will start to happen.

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • A little more information. I am a 35 year old male with body fat around 30%. Most of it is in my belly. I can see that my face has slimmed down and from the side, my belly is a little slimmer. I think I need a bit of motivation.

  • I sometimes get down too and wonder if anything is happening ... I see my biggest results by the way my clothes fit!!  I have a pair of jeans that are now loose on me whereas before I hade squeeeeze into them!  How are you clothes fitting??  Even if you can't notice the difference on the outside remember there are BIG changes happening on the inside, and the will show on the outside at some point!!  

    I know you are doing great please don't give up and you will see results in no time!!

  • I never have understood our society's desire for instant gratification.  My thought process was that if it took years to become the mess I was, then I shouldn't expect a turnaround in just a few weeks.

    Yes, it works, and yes, it's worth it.  Just be patient, and try to set yourself up for a lifetime of freedom from fat.  Read my bio if you want to see the great things in store for you.  And always finish strong, whether it's your next cardio or weight lifting workout.


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  • I agree with all the advice here. I am going into my 12th week this week and on the scale...maybe 2 pounds, clothing wise...a bit looser...mind wise... MAJOR changes happening. Sleep=GREAT! Workouts=GREAT! Eating=GREAT!! Skin=GREAT!!

    These things are really important too. And Jacium is BANG ON...we didn't get this way overnight, it is going to take longer than "overnight" to change. Just now I am really starting to SEE changes in body composition. AGAIN, the numbers on the scale are not really showing much but I know the changes are happening, slowly, but ARE happening and I am becoming more and more ok with that. This is a lifestyle for me. It is much more than just losing weight.

  • Thanks for the replies and advice. After going through the weekend, planning for next week, and reading some posts, including the advice from you guys, I need to push myself more in the gym. This week I am going to see what I am made of. Its time to get things done. I believe in the program. I don't care about the scale. I already feel better and have more energy than ever before. Realizing this over the weekend, I once again feel invinsible. NO EXCUSES!!!

  • So after all the bumming and  negativity that I had on saturday, I had a great LBWO this morning. I teach school, and had a student tell me that I look skinnier today. Just goes to show me what you all are saying is so true. Thanks again!

  • Yay!!  Way to go!!  See you are doing great , you just have to have a little faith in yourself!!  Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • After years and years and years of really poor eating habits, I'm just happy to have a proper diet again.

    Everything else is gravy!