No pain, no gain?

  • Yesterday I did my lower body workout... I thought it was quite intense. It definetely was no easy and I told myself "tomorrow I'll be in pain". But I'm not! I don't feel any pain what so ever. I'm on week 3. My first lower body left me with tons of pain and I haven't been able to reach "pain level" again. Does this mean I'm not growing muscle? No pain, no gain?

    Please advise

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  • I remember when I no longer experienced sore and frankly I missed it.. but it is not an indicator of muscle growth.

    Your body is gradually getting more accustomed to what you're doing and thus the soreness is gone. As reiterated, soreness is not an gague of muscle growth. At the beginning of the program you were a novice so soreness was plentiful now you are advancing to a new threadhold.

    Overall you get results from overloading your muscles, eating enough quality nutrition to support the muscle-building process and recovering enough between workouts. The catchphrase "No pain no gain" was introduced by Jane Fonda years ago and spread like wildfire but it is just that a catchphrase.

    Keep working hard. Your doing great!


  • I would look at it like this:

    No Pain=not hitting your 10's,

    No Gain= if you are not hitting your 10's you are not getting the best and largest benefits...

    so go ahead and make sure you hit those 10's for the best results and the biggest challenge!!

  • I think if you are three weeks into the program, it is time to change up your routine.  I try to do that every 3-4 weeks.  You need to keep those muscles guessing, so they don't jus go into autopilot.

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  • So I take that there is still muscle growth but not enough and not fast enough?

    How can I ensure I hit my 10s safely? I am already reaching my limit on the amount I can lift.

    What about if I lift more but can't get to the number of reps? Say I increase hte weigh but now I can not physicaly get to 12 reps?

    I want a fantastic body transformation. I am willing to endure pain if that's what it takes. I need to know how.

    Lori, your transformation was so amazing!

    Thanks for the advice ladies!

    Live life with passion!

  • I agree with BDMom.  It's time to change your exercise routine.  If you've been doing the same exercise for 3 weeks the soreness will subside.  It's best to change them up every 3-4 weeks.  Pick different exercises for your workouts.  Bet you feel the soreness again. :-)

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  • Thank you very much for the compliment, it keeps me on my toes. In order to determine if your reaching 10's in the gym keep these practices in mind.

    1) Make sure you are lifting with a full range of motion. All the way up-and-down. Many people cheat. Do this slowly, in a non-jerking manner, and it will tax the muscle fully. You might even feel a pump. If your form is compromised as a result of the additional weight then you are not ready for the increase.

    2) You should be shaking and barely able to perform the last few reps. If not increase the weight slightly. If you are unable to get to 12 reps with the higher weight that's fine. Do 5 reps. or 6 reps. The goal is to increase gradually.

    3) Do not try to achieve pain during your workout session. That can result in inury. Instead tax the muscle fully by using the principals outlined.

    You can do this! You have already achieved great results so far.


  • There needs to be a "like" option on these threads.  Lori is absolutely correct.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • "No Pain=not hitting your 10's"

    Oh NO!!!... think I should clarify...I by no means mean hitting your 10's should be painful, OH MY GOODNESS...but rather be a 10 out of 10 effort!

  • Definitely change exercises or, up the weight for the ones you're doing now.

    I remember going through the same thing and still do so, I either change it up or go heavier, just today I went heavier with squats and dead lifts but I try to go heavier each week if I can, my butt is feeling it right now:)

    With lower body I can go heavier, it's taking longer for the upper exercises but even if it's a 2 1/2 pound increase each arm for a while I'm happy, don't let it get easy.

  • MyDecade - I am just wrapping up week 3 with only two more routines to complete woop woop! Doesn't time fly?! :)  Being at the same stage, I am still learning my proper form with the exercises and hitting my 10s with the routine I've been following for the previous LBWOs.  I had my 4th LBWO yesterday, and have felt no pain at all today until I did my cardio and my quads started to burn ha ha!  This also surprised me, as like you, I have been in sheer agony after my first 2-3 LBWOs.  Although great advice from the more experienced BFLers, I personally won't be moving onto new exercises until I finish week 4. I want to perfect those deadlifts, and Lift 35kg on my seated leg extensions.  You might already be there, performing everything flawlessly and are really ready to change things up, but I am still in the trial and error phase and know that I can achieve these mini-goals with just a little more practice.  I just don't want to move on until I can do it right - thats were your results show - doing it correctly. If you're already there, change things up! :)

  • Good Decision, Jules.  I'm wrapping week 94, and I can assure you that there is absolutely no problem with keeping the same excercise routine going for your entire 12 week challenge, as long as you conscientiously increase the weights to fatigue the muscles.  The structure of the LBWO and UBWO already provides multiple excercises for each muscle group, and also provides a combo of pre-exhaust and post-exhaust lifts.

    It will add interest to develop new routines once you complete the first challenge.  You'll probably want to take a couple of weeks off, and then get right back to it - I founnd that I missed the relaxation of the excercise too much to give it up.

    Good Luck!


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  • Thanks Jacium.  I'm sure I'll be ready t change things up, but I LOVE my LBWO and I can feel myself getting better and better at the exercises.  It's still early days, but I am seeing some great changes and know I'm working my muscles hard at the gym. I hit my 10s on EVERYTHING.  When I nail it, I'll move on knowing that when the next X amount of weeks that roll by, I can return to them and hit the ground running.  Well done on your 94 weeks!  You are a BFL veteran!  I'll be holidaying during active rest and can't wait to swim and play a bit of tennis between snoozing and massages! Jules