I need help with recipes

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to bfl and I need some help on finding the right foods to eat...I don't want to get burned out on eating the same things over and over again.

    What are your favorite recipes/meals for:





    thank you!!

  • Here are a few of my favorite's.


    3 ounces boneless skinless chicken ***

    Balsamic Vinegar (fat free dressing) Watch the sugar level here.

    1/2 Onion

    Mushrooms or Red peppers

    1/2 cup brown rice

    1) Marinate the chicken in the Balsamic V.

    2) Fry the onion and mushrooms in Pam or Olive Oil

    3) Cook the brown rice (10 minutes)

    4) Cube the chicken, set aside the vegetables, and cook the chicken

    5) Fry it all together for a few minutes

    Dinner or lunch:



    2 cloves garlic


    1/2 cup Whole wheat pasta

    1) Bake the Salmon drizzling it with lemon

    2) Boil the spinach and fry the garlic in olive oil

    3) Boil the pasta (12 minutes)

    4) Combine the spinach and garlic once cooked, and top the Salmon with it. You can also add garlic and olive oil to the pasta for taste.



  • Here's a sample of what I enjoy:

    Breakfast: egg white, tomato and sprinkle of LF moz omellete w/ 1 piece whole wheat toast and almond butter.

    Lunch: Whole wheat "flat outs" w/ turkey ***, tomato, LF cheese, lettuce and mustard.  Grill it in a pan for w/ Pam for extra flavor.

    Dinner: Pan roasted veggies (peppers, mushroom, garlic, onion and zucchini) w/ RF feta and brown rice.

               Grilled turkey tenders w/ mushroom and squash soup topped with plain greek yogurt and toasted       walnuts.

              Gardenburger on whole wheat bun w/ cottage cheese

    Hope this helps.  Enjoy!


  • protein pancakes/waffles!!!!

    1 cup oatmeal

    1 cup cottage cheese

    1 cup egg whites

    lil' vanilla, cinnamon, sugar

    put in blender.  cook on griddle or waffle iron.  Makes 2 servings.  Tastes moist and kinda like stuffed french toast!

    ok, I gotta make those tomorrow just typing this.

  • To me, recipes are more for a lifestyle in maintenance.

    I find being more strict will yield greater fat loss results.

    ie, chicken ***, brown rice, egg whites, oatmeal etc

  • Charlie, how about that shake recipe??

    • "2 scoops vanilla whey
    • > 1/2c oats (men)
    • > 1/3c oats (women)
    • > 2 tsp cinnamon

    > i grind the oats in a coffee grinder so they form a powder or you can

    > just throw all ingredients with water in a blender.

    > this  is as close to cinnamon roll as i get"

  • let me clarify. to me a recipe would be more like a casserole or like spaghetti. Like what is in th eating for life cookbook.

    The shake recipe is just a way to drink whey and oats without cooking the oats.

  • Okay Charlie, could you clarify, the other day you were quite assertive in your statements that whole eggs are preferable to just whites.  But up there you just said

    To me, recipes are more for a lifestyle in maintenance.

    I find being more strict will yield greater fat loss results.

    ie, chicken ***, brown rice, egg whites, oatmeal etc

  • refer to my nutrition specifics thread. I do eat whole eggs in conjunction with egg whites. I gave recommendations in that thread as a starting point. If you would like a customized meal plan, let me know.

  • Charlie:

    "A set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something, especially food."~ Free Online Dictionary

    The shake is a recipe as you titled your email. It is an idea of something to make. And a good idea that is quick and easy, I may add. It is also for fat loss, not just maintenance ... "Very simple and will help you lean out also the oats keep ya full" as you clearly stated ;) Your words...not mine Hunny.

  • I see your point. Thanks.

  • Thanks Charlie, after posting that question I did see the other thread where you said 4 egg whites and one egg but I thought I'd leave the quesiton as it stood because a) I was being dragged out of the house for a christmas celebration and had no time to go back and b) I still wondered why you said egg whites and didn't mention the yolk in this thread.

    With regard to the customized meai plan that would be helpful.  Did you post one recently?

  • No. Customization is merely about adjusting macros. A typical 40/40/20 is a standard macro distribution, some people who are insulin sensitive will respond better to a  40/30/30. It's nothing drastic, it's just about how your body responds. I always teach how BFL does with the 40/40/20 and only alter it when necessary.

    So if what you are doing is not working, send me an email and I will be happy to help you.

  • "I see your point. Thanks."

    You are welcome ;)