Transformation story and pictures

  • I just have to say this: You are an inspiration to me... I hope I can do it just like you evne if it takes more than one challenge!

    Live life with passion!

  • All of your hard work has certainly paid off! You look really amazing. Congratulations!! My Dad quit smoking this year due to having quadruple bypass. His doctor said that quitting smoking is harder than a heroin addict getting clean. So kuddos to you for having inner strength to do that. You are very strong!!

  • Thanks for showing us the results of your dedication,  perseverance and drive. There are a bunch of us in Week 4 that are bemoaning the lack of visible results... we know it takes a while, but impatience is darkening our beginning glow. Seeing your transformation has given new light to a LOT of folks in the middle of their Challenge.

    Please feel free to drop by our thread and chime in if you anytime- we welcome the experienced!!

    "Starting Jan. 17th..."

    Yours in Health-