Who needs motivation? Take a look at Chris Kreuger's Transformation...

  • Results in my opinion are phenominal, timeline was 6 months.


  • Impressive. I wonder how long it would have  taken him if he was as big as some of the BFL champions who never really exercised before.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • It looked like he started out plenty big. I had to laugh when he sucked it in to get an inch smaller beginning measurement on his waist. His timeline was 6 months, equivalent to two BFL challenges (including a week of active rest per). The video highlights the importance of perseverance and patience. I would have liked to see more information on his diet and exercise routines, but I suppose the point of leaving it out is so that we go visit the website. Gotta give Chris Krueger props for taping his transformation. I didn't even want to take still photos.

    Edited to add: I did go to the website. It is a ten-week nutrition and fitness program with no pills, supplements, bars, or shakes. But it does cost $55 to download the program. With due respect to Mr. Krueger, I think I'll be sticking with BFL.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • That video is so inspiring but at the same time it just reminds me how far I have to go, I mean I would need to lose 43lbs to get where chris was in his before state, do you think at 295lbs and 40% bodyfat I could get down to single digit bodyfat in 1 year, also how is the program chris used different to bodyforlife, wouldnt bfl get you to that level?

  • 6packmission, I can't say exactly how the programs differ since I have no plans to buy the TSC plan, but like BFL it looks to be based on nutrition and focused exercise.

    I don't think anyone can predict exactly where you will be in one year, unless of course you don't do anything and you will be just where you are now, or worse. Have you read through some of the success stories at the tab at the top of each page here at the BFL site? There are indeed success stories just as impressive as Chris Krueger's. Charlie, who started this thread, lost a significant amount of weight and body fat over 18 months.

    I would like to see your thought process shift from how far you have to go and exactly how long it is going to take you and instead focus on what you need to do today to work toward your personal goals. You need to affirm that you have made the decision to improve your life and your health. Stay positive - I guarantee it will help you along the way.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • i know Chris, the principles are the same as BFL. IT's a 3 day split, legs/abs, chest/back, shoulder/arms, tue & thur - 20 min interval cardio, saturday is a fitness test of pushups, pullups and a 3 mile run, goal is in 18 minutes for a perfect score.

    His nutrition is even more simple. He eats a whole wheat cereal Uncle Sam's, you can buy it at wal mart with skim milk. Turkey swiss sandwiches, spaghetti, fajitas, chicken/rice, steak/yams, etc. The nutrition profile is going to keep you in the 100-130g of protein and carbs in the 250ish range....fats are moderate around 40--50, it does vary but this gives you a rough idea.

    6packmission - you need to listen to advice given to you, sara gave you great advice. Stop wondering where you could be in a year. Wanna now why? Because IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU DON'T START TODAY!

    Ok, I'm on your side, I really am, but you need to realize that you have to do it. And do it without extremes. Like your little post about no free days, etc blah blah. Get real. You're never gonna have pizza again? Cmon. You obviously missed then entire message of BFL. One of the messages is not to restrict. You don't restrict any macros and you have one day a week to enjoy what you want, so live the lifestyle. This might motivate you. I started at 280 for my first challenge, on my 2nd week weigh in, I lost 8 lbs, not in 2 weeks, but on my 2nd week. You have so much to lose right now it will fly off. I also learned how to fine tune this portion control too. If anyone needs help with that, email me and I will be happy to talk with you.

    Charlie Wigington Jr

    2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion

  • Thanks for that Charlie, I know your right,Food is not really the issue during freeday for me its the amount of beer I drinkm I really need to get a handle on that,is a freeday part of Chris;s program?

    Something else im considering


  • Hi 6pack,

    I love John Berardi and his program is great, I will tell you this though, no program will "work" unless you change your mindset. No quick fixes. No such thing. Believe me. Been there, done that. The only "diet" that will work is the one you do. Properly. From the inside out.

    Choose something, own it, and do it! I know you can. The first step is wanting to make the change. You have done that.

    (and yes, 1 beer is ok, but multiple beers....gotta go!! empty calories!)

    Good luck. Come on, hop on!

  • 6pack - it seems to me that you have gone into research overload. You need to step back before you get bogged down in the process of gathering information and never get to the implementation part.

    You have mentioned three possibilities: BFL, TSC and Precision Nutrition. It looks like any one of the three can help you meet your goals. I personally think the $1200 you would put into the Lean Eating Program for Men would be better spent on buying some home gym equipment or replacing your groceries or saved for a new wardrobe when you are finished. From what Charlie says about TSC it's in the same vein as BFL. You can get all the info you need for BFL from this website and checking Bill Phillip's book out of the library or buying it used super cheap at amazon.

    Choose a program, pick a start date, clean out your pantry, get to work and don't look back.

    And do what you know you need to do about the beer.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.