• Vacation.. at the beach! (Almost 2 years after my Body-for-Life transformation)

    Keep pushing hard and train like a ruthless warrior!

  • Thanks for the updated photo, Your really are a true , dedicated and inspiring BFL Warrior. Way to Go, and Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Thank you Lori for that Cheeeeer!!!! I am working hard indeed and don't cheat on my meals and now that I saw your pictures I want a professional shot too, so I better look good like that for that day. I loved all your words. I feel very inspired and motivated and accoutable since I write my journal for public view every week under the thread "This is my journey". Therefore I have to keep going like a warrior, haha. I looked you up on MyFitnessPal but didn't find you under this user name. Love to be challenged by winners like you!


  • You look fantastic!  

  • p.s. do you do the same work outs two years later?

  • Hi Las,

    Do I perform the same workouts? NEVER! If I did I would have probably given up a long time age because of boredom. The number of people I see in the gym who find themselves monotonously on the treadmill at the same time each day, using the same degree of energy, performing the same exercises in the same order, same weight, same number of repetitions and the same number of sets over and over for weeks or months on end at a time is a trap I refuse to find myself in.

    While I certainly admire their dedication I think they will eventually lose interest and not enjoy the process. To prevent injury, boredom or plateau I constantly look for new ways to challenge myself. I look at fitness magazines and try new techniques constantly.

    I try to add more weight on a consistent basis, and or vary my degree of workouts within each session. One day I might lift a ton of weight while another day I will reverse the order of machines. As a whole, I either alter the weight, the sets, the reps or the rest time. For cardio I will vary my heart rate, throw in a set of circuit training or kick boxing or step aerobics to add some fun to the mix. In the end, I need to feel accomplished by my performance. For example, I was using the leg press this weekend and felt very strong that day. I ended up adding over 500lbs to the leg press, wore a back brace and went for it. Although I didn’t perform many reps I pushed until I felt exhausted. The next time I might go very light but perform over 100 reps.

    In the end, I hope you find your inner athlete and enjoy the process!

  • Yep, you've still got it.  You are a hottie.  Miss you around here.  Glad you are doing well!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I concur with BDMOM on all of the above comments!!  Thanks for your input and inspirational information and details.

  • BDMom, Hello your gorgeous lady! It is so nice to see that you still have such a wonderful presence on the forum, keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.

    WPBill, Hello to you... It's been a long time. Thank you for your wonderful comments- hope your doing well?


    Since finishing the Body For Life I have been very busy because I opened a daycare center. I love teaching and it has been a dream come true for me. What better way to spend your day then to education the next generation? I have also meet the most wonderful man in the world and we recently got married!! Cheers... life is great!

  • Lori that is amazing, congrats to you for sticking with it and all the hard work that goes into this program!!  You look so happy in your transformation photos :)

    I just finished week1....noob for sure, but I am very excited to be on this journey and am very focused on making the most out of it. 11 more weeks to go and I hope my results are as incredible as yours.



  • Cal1,

    Congratulations for entering the challenge! Stick with it! The only way to get stronger is to hit the weights frequently and challenge yourself during each session. You will feel a burn while lifting, try to embrace that feeling and don’t rack the weights when it happens.

    Consistently life heavier, you are capable of so much more than you think. I ask myself during every workout session, what are you made of? Honor yourself and make yourself proud of your efforts each day!! Believe in yourself! You have to push hard, and the only obstacle to overcome is getting your mind in tune with your body.

    Keep me posted. Cheers! Lori

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  • holy crapola. And you only lost 13lbs!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!

  • Wow, you are such an inspiration lori!  Way to go!  And it's even better to see how great you still look, two years later!

  • wow that is very impressive you must be proud of yourself , you look like a different person