• WOW - yes very amazing! How many 12 week challenges did it take you to reach that amazing body? If you did it in just 12 weeks, then hands down you should be the most ultimate winner of Body for Life since its beginnings, did you enter, cause you would have won without a shadow of a doubt!!!!!! I know most people that reached this sort of body had to do at least a few 12 week challenges.   Tell me your secrets PLEASE or was it more than just one 12 week challenge?? : )

  • Wow, you look great! Im in my end of my 5th week and am kinda discouraged wondering if I can really get slim and tone in just 12 weeks. Looking at you gives me great encouragement.!

    "Everybody falls down, it's all about how fast you get back up. So Get Up!" 

  • Congratulations! You look amazing! What an inspiration!

  • Wow...this was beyond amazing.  You did an outstanding job!  I hope you win competition, because this one was really dramatic.  You are very toned, and that fact that you are 40.  I think 40 isn't old at all, but you look closer to 25.  Wow...outstanding, I'm in awe.

    You mentioned you did weight training 3x per week, and were used to doing cardio.  I did the same years ago, and I had  the same results.  CONGRATULATIONS...AWESOME!!

  • the girl looks great, but let's not get carried away her transformation is not the best ever. emily alvers was much better.

  • Lori's transformation was absolutely amazing and especially given her moving personal story.  I also believe Emily did well.  This thread is for and about Lori.  She did nothing to warrant an inappropriate jab and that sort of negativity just isn't welcome here.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • "the girl looks great, but let's not get carried away her transformation is not the best ever. emily alvers was much better."

    There always has to be one.....*shaking head*

  • It has been several months since I have embraced my Body-For-Life family. After a cancer scare, I exited the arena for a while but am now happy, healthy and most importantly delighted to hear from all of you! Or atleast most of you. ha ha..

    First I would like to thank everyone for your continued support during and after my transformation. I continue to read sweet messages long after the competition and appreciate those messages of love, support and enjoy hearing about your desire to embrace the Body-for-Life lifestyle.

    I continue to workout 6-days a week and am thrilled to say that I still have a six-pack, and am very happy with my newfound physique. I would encourage everyone no matter where you are in life to work hard and be proud of your accomplisments. Please continue to check-in.

    I am rotting for you!



  • Welcome back Lori.  I still think your transformation is one of the best I've ever seen on this site. (There is always someone better or so I'm often reminded of this).  Hope you continue to post on this site and encourage us all. WPBILL

  • @Texas Brez...

    Are you a Penn Stater?  If so, me too!  Architectural Engineering class of 1999!!

  • Welcome back my dear friend!

    I appreciate the countless hours you have helped me reshape my body. It was so kind of you to personally come to my home last week and help me reach my "10"'s I am still shocked at the intensity level that you use. You are my mentor and you do so much for so many people and we all appreciate you Lori!

    Your transformation is by far the best because your inside's matches your outer beauty.

    Love you!

  • @ Patriciaa99

    Indeed, long story spared, class of 2010, Organizational Leadership

    Shout out!!!!

  •  Lori...Lori...Lori! I was worried about you girl. Glad everything worked out and your still in the gym. We've worked too hard and  have experienced  the advantages of living healthy to let it go. You're still an inspiration to a lot of people here so I hope you keep hanging around.

     Your friend,


  • My Friend Randy,  Nice to hear from you! You have come so far and we transformed almost simutaneously. Glad to see your still plugging away. It is great to feel the love and support from you and my BFL family. My sister passed away from breast cancer so thank you dear God--I'm fine. It was a scary time for me.

    On a bright note; I am considering doing a fitness competition now and move foward.

    Let's stay in touch,


  • @Texas Brez

    Yes!  You are a recent grad, so congratulations!