• Wow your transformation is fantastic! You obviously worked hard and built a lean hard body. Simply gorgeous!

  • Amazing!!!! Your confidence has sky rocketed!!!!

  • Lori, I saw somewhere that you mentioned losing weight so fast in the last weeks that you had to eat extra calories.  I am starting week five and after an initial fast drop in weight and inches, things have slowed over this past week....maybe do to my first over indulgent Valentines free day (I try not to go crazy on free day, but I did last Sunday!). I find it interesting that your transformation was so dramatic but the scale only went down 13 pounds. You obviously burned more than 13 pounds of fat and built a lot of lean muscle! How much were you losing a week at that point both in inches and scale weight? Just curious how those last weeks plaid out for you. I've heard that weeks 8-12 often show the most dramatic changes.

  • These are great! A definite motivator for me to get going-I know I can do this too!

  • Hi marathonmama,

    Things will slow down at times but keep pressing on- it's like a roller-coaster ride. Up's and down's.. you need to finish the ride to appreciate the journey.

    I had to add extra calories to my diet in the last few weeks because I did not want to lose to much weight. A health weight for me is 112-115 pounds. In the beginning the weight dropped slowly. Some weeks I lost a pound while other weeks I lost nothing.

    I added alot of muscle and concentrated on getting my bodyfat low. I was trying to redistribute my bodyfat and the weight training certaintly did it. I did not always take my measurments but instead focused on monitoring my strength, energy level, and overall health. I was very tired the last week but also felt on the top of the world. Please try to monitor your free day closely. I used to have a free snack and eventually eliminated it all together.

    Push hard in the gym, tap into your inner-athlete and make yourself proud!!

    Warm Wishes,


  • Hi Lori,

    I hope you are feeling better since your surgery. You are such an inspiration to many people. Speedy recovery.


  • Super wow!

  • amazing, as my husband said, wow and that in 12 weeks, great job, I just started and cannot wait to see the results!!

  • wow!!!

  • OMG you look amazing!  Fantastic job!

  • Congrats you look awesome!! What supplements did you use? i'm getting ready to start on June 1st and am wondering what to take other than myoplex lite. my goals are fat loss. also would like to tone. :-)  Congrats again!

  • I would like to know the same Bluenile14.  I am doing the challenge now and I take Myoplex Lite, Reload, and CLA.  I have not been consistant though because I had surgery and didn't work out for 4 weeks.  And I'm still not 100% so I've only been doing a little cardio.  My next challenge will be alot better.

  • How amazing are you Lori!! Wow, fantastic transformation Very inspirational.


  • Wow, awesome effort... you look a million bucks !

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Sorry to be late to the party but DAMN!!!!!!!!  Well done, very well done!