• Wow Lori!  Amazing results!!!  You look fabulous!

  • WOW!!  You look amazing!!  I am in week 6 of my first challenge and have seen AMAZING results so far, I visualize myself daily looking just like you, and I look at your pics everyday to motivate me!  I don't know if my results will look anything like yours, but I am sure having fun, feeling great, and working hard every day!!

    Congrats on your transformation and new lifestyle you must feel great!!

    Oh and a quick question ... I started taking the Pro Science Reload this week ... did you take it every day or just the days you did your weight training??  AND 1 packet contains 5g of carbs ... did you take that into consideration when eating your meals, or did you just eat your normal carbs??

    Thanks Crystal!!  :)

  • Hi Crystal,

    Ironically during the challenge I posted a picture of a fitness model on my bathroom wall and used it for motivation. The fact that you are doing the same thing with my picture (I'm honored) shows the progression of the rippling effect. I bet someone will do the same with your transformation pictures. That's very inspiring.

    In reference to Reload. I took it everyday and did not count it as a carbohydrate. Since I am petite I only used it twice a day. Once during my workout and once in the evening.

    Congratulations on your achievements thus far. Picture your tranformation in your minds eye and tap into that inner-warrior while in the gym.

    I believe in you!


  • OMG you look stunning.   This has me excited about sticking to it.   Great job!!!!!  You should be on the cover of  a magazine.  Thank you for you the inspiration.  



  • (picking my jaw up off the ground)

    WOOOWWWWWWEEEEE!!!  Such a HUGE inspiration.  You did such and amazing job!  Excellent work girl...YOU DID IT!

  • Nay, Thank you!! You can do it too. Your body will transform in ways that will astonish you. I learned that hiding behind my fat-suit ( ha ha..) was a hard lean body. Make it happen!

    Mama4fitness, Thank you you made my day! Tap into that inner-warrior and be ruthless in the gym. You can do it!

    Thanks ladies!! Let's all make everyday count.


  • Lori, thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I seem to always want  brown rice or brown rice pasta.  Can you just give some examples of what u seemed to eat most as far as lunch and dinner combinations?  Thank u, enjoy your new body, confidence and weekend.


  • Hi Nay,

    For lunch I was often eat Whole wheat rice cakes with Natural peanut butter and Polamer jelly. Veggie egg white omlette or chicken stir fry with veggies cooked in olive oil.

    For dinner, Salmon, brown rice, red peppers and onions. Baked chicken, whole wheat pasta, steamed broccoli. halibut, or turkey chili. Here is a link with an array of BFL recipes. bodyforlife.com/.../dinner

    Egg whites were a staple in my diet. I hope this give you some delicious ideas!


  • Absolutely amazing. You started out looking like a typical 40 something mom and ended up looking like a 20 something fitness model! I had to take a peak at your profile to see your age because I was so shocked by the difference. And then I was even more surprised because after viewing your photos I would have guessed you to be about 23. The transformation was incredible! Way to go! Did you follow the program exactly (BFL diet and 3 weight, 3 HIT cardio sessions a week) or did you make any adjustments?

  • wow your results are such an inspiration!! thank you for posting them. and congratulations - you have done some hard work there and the results speak for themselves.

  • You look amazing.  Everytime I see the change in other people makes me want to change that much more.  Enjoy your new amazing body =)

  • Wow..that was so encouraging to me. Been holding off for whatever reasons..possible failure i think. But i just registered and am getting ready to head to the gym giving it my all. Since i just made the decision to start  today i haven't  gotten any products yet? Any suggestions for energy&endurance?? Any advice would be helpful. thanks. :)

  • marathonmama, Age 23 hee hee.. my daughter is age 21. She will get a real kick out of that. Thank you. I would strongly encourage you to follow the plan as specificed. Build a good foundation then begin to embrace the new lifestyle. The program works. You can do it!

    1234theresa, Welcome to BFL!! Please don't let the fear of failure determine your destiny. I know this all to well. Just take it one day at a time. You will yield great results and most importantly be proud of your accomplishments. For suppliments, I used Myoplex light RTD, and Reload by EAS to help with muscle recovery.





  • Crissy,

    Congratulation on embracing the program! You and your husband will yield great results and feel on top-of- the-world. Feel free to come to the forum for encouragement or questions and thank you for the acknowledgement.