• Wow!!! You look fantastic!!! My goodness you have truly movitated me press forward and not to give up.  Thank you for sharing with us.  :)

  • Thanks Lori and ayummymommy. I just bought the book and appreciate your help. Tomorrow I will scale back the cardio and begin weight training. I have decided to hire a trainer since I am brand new to it. I'm sure I will have more questions along the way. I saw your B.F.L. diet posted and will follow it.

    Thank you!!! Happy New year! You are my inspiration. My husband said he will support me 100% after he saw your photo. So funny...

  • Thank you for posting your pics- Your results are truly motivating... I am a 37 year old Mom of 3 girls (17-11-& 7 yrs old) and a wife of 14 years... I work on average about 50 hours a week, even if some of those days consist of vacation days.  I feel as though as I have lost myself and am so unhappy with my over all physical condition.  I will begin my challenge on 01/02/11... Need to begin on a Sunday because Monday's are so hectic.  I will work out in the am to ensure that I allow myself time for me...I can not wait to post my pics..  I need a support group and have been reviewing this forum for a couple of weeks now.. TO all the posters.. please keep it up..   I completed the challenge and then some over 7 years ago and am seeking that level of dedication again... Please be on the lookout for me.. Thanks all

  • Champster09,

    Thank you very much! I enjoyed reading all your posts during my transformation and you certaintly made a difference in my challenge. Thank you!

  • Wow what an amazing transformation.. You look fabulous and are truly an inspiration.. I am on day 2 of the first challenge and I am even more excited now.. Thank you for posting these..

  • Thank you Conqueror4life,

    I'm rooting for you and am so glad that you are committing to B.F.L. again. Welcome back!! Please consider entering a support group on the forum.

    It is time for you to reclaim your life and be proud of yourself. Go-for-it!! I can't wait for you to post your tranformation.

    Best of luck!!


  • Wow Lorig2727!  I am fairly new here and plan on starting my 1st official challenge on 1/3/11.  I did the program several years back and have followed some of it at various times but never 100% committed.  I'm ready for a change and your results really inspire me.  Awesome Transformation.

  • Hi Lori,

    I began weight training yesterday and I have to thank you for your inspiration. I showed my trainer your picture and he thought I got it from a fitness magazine. ha ha... You look fantastic! I have your pictures now hung on my fridge for motivation. Can you please send a typical days worth or meals?


  • Thank you for sending your meal plan over. Have a Happy New Year. Loren

  • Congratulations! You did an amazing job. I agree with everyone who says you will be the √∂fficial"Grand Champion 2010 - you already are for everyone on this website!

    You will definitely be my role model for the challenge I'm starting on Jan 3rd. - Thank you.

  • Focusedlady,

    Thank you so for for your words of encouragements. You made my day! Congratulations on making a committment to your health and happiness. This is your chance to transform from the inside out. Tap into your inner athlete and be best you can be. Cheers to 2011 being your year to make it happen!!

    I believe in you,


  • You are truly inspiring and motivating! What about supplements?  Betagen, CLA, etc,  I am 5'5 and weigh 152 w/30% body fat.  My goal is 130 lbs or less with 15% body fat or less!  Is Pro Science Reload a supplement like Betagen?  


  • Pet lover 45,

    Thank you so much for your kindness. You have quite a story to share.  I'm so sorry about your car accidents. I know first hand how difficult health aliments can be on your mind and body.

    In reference to suppliments, Betagen was discontinued and EAS introduced Pro Science Reload in it's place. I am a firm believer in supplimentation and yes I use Reload. It has helped me foster my strength and assisted with muscle recovery. I have not tried CLA but have read that it helps with weight loss.

    Commit to B.F.L. and you will yield the results you desire. It's all in your mind, so push hard, eat clean and give it all you have!

    You can do it!!


  • Your transformation is mind boggling!!! Your muscle development is commendable, your lean and gorgeous! You are the pinnacle of every women's dream body!!!

    I have started B.F.L. and am hoping for similar results. I look like your before picture and have the same amount of weight to lose. Thank you for putting yourself our there. I enjoy reading all your posts. It is obvious that your are a very intelligent women and I think you would be perfect in competiton btw.

    Thank you!!

  • COngrats you look amazing