• You are a rockstar!!!  I binged all my free days until the last week...and drank only 1 protein shake on strength training days, none the other days.  Awesome job!  That's some serious willpower.  Now I wonder what what have happened to me had I stopped (or even scaled back because you don't even want me to get into the detailed list of my free day!) sooner.  Either way, your transformation is the best I've seen yet this year!  Did you get your submission packet in in time for this yrs last round?  Betting on that 25k for you!  

  • akamama08,

    Thank you for your gracious compliments. Your transformation was incredible and an inspiration to the entire community! I have high hope for you! I did submit my packet for the last round. In the meantime, I have made many new goals and plan on taking my fitness to the next level. It's very addictive!!



  • Outstanding job Lori.  A truly inspiring effort and result!  Thanks for sharing!


  • Thank you for all your great advice! I lost 6 pounds so far and appreciate your helping me along the way. I am eating clean now. You are my inspiration!! You are stunning and your transformation has taught us all that hard work will pay off. Thank you!

  • Way to go, Lori! Your transformation will be a guiding light to (literally) hundreds that haven't even heard of BFL yet!  And to think it was only 12 weeks ago that you decided to change...miracle!

  • Bobby A, Thank you so much. Your kind words help me to continue pushing hard. I can only hope that my transformation inspires many others.

    needtogetfit, You lost 6 pounds my friend- congrats!! I'm so happy for you.

    Bruno4402, Thank you, I appreciate your support. We are all a big family at B.F.L.

  • Hi Lorig2727,

    I hope you don't mind I have another question for you. Did you only do 20 minutes for cardio or did you add more when you got closer to your 12 week period? Thank you so much for all your imput.

  • Hi needtogetfit,

    That's a great question and one that has many conteplating. We all believe that alot of cardiovascular training will help us shed the pounds but in reality to much cardio will only inhibit your muscle growth. I did the 20 minute HIIT program 3 times a week for most of the challenge. But as I entered the last few weeks I scaled it back to only 2 days a week and added an additional weight training day. The goal for me was to add muscle and gain strength. The lean muscle sculpts your body and gives you a toned look.

    Concentrate of lifting heavy, eating clean and incorporting no more than 20 minutes 3 times a week and in the end, you will be surprised by your transformation. Keep up the good work!


  • Lori,

    would you say you saw better results with the 4 weight days and 2 cardio vs. the 3 and 3?

  • Hi ayummymommy,

    I like to constantly change things up to keep my body guessing. Right now I am only doing cardio 2 times a week. I do step or kickboxing and follow my own workout routine. The other 4 days is strickly lifting. I do however keep my heart rate up with little or no rest between sets and in some respect it is almost a cardio workout. I will change my routine in a few weeks and go back to 3 days cardio. My goal right now is to build more lean muscle.

  • I have to admit I have been skeptical about Body for Life and then I found your transformation pictures and WOW you look fantastic! I always thought that women who lift weight would look masculine but you keep your feminine lines and look gorgeous!!!

    Thank you so much for posting your transformation. You have put me over the edge and I will enter the challenge. You are by far the best transformation that I have ever seen. Thank you Lil

  • Oh my goodness I almost fell off my chair when I saw your after photo! What an incredible transformation you made. You are a new women. Your pictures teach me that anything is possible. I look similar to your before picture so this gives me hope.

    I have been doing aerobics for years and am still not happy with my body. I never lift weights because I though it would add bulk to my lower half (and we don't need any bulk there) You look so lean and yet you clearly have a nice amount of muscle development. Should I scale back my aerobics? I do it 6 days a week? I could sure use your advice.

    Anyway you look incredible and I hope you don't mind but I made your picture my desktop backround. You are my inspiration and I can only hope to look like you. WOW!!

  • I had a trainer that once asked me "what do you do when you work out?", I said "20 min weights and 45 min cardio", he said "flip that around and you will see significant changes". Well, I did and he was right. That is also what BFL says. Follow the cardio/weights/nutrition to a "T" and you can have amazing results too.

    Cardio is a double edged sword. It is necessary, but too much is counterproductive. Weights (HEAVY) is where it's at. Weight training will help you build lean muscle mass that will burn more fat around the clock. Too much cardio may eat into that muscle making it more difficult to lose fat as well as keep it off. There is a balance. As well, the cardio that BFL recommends (High Point Technique-- HIIT) is superior for fat loss.

    Nutrition is 80% (min) of the equation though. Get the nutrition down pat and the results from your workouts (done BFL style) can be astounding like Lori!

  • Outstanding results, outstanding attitude, outstanding smile!!  Way to rock your challenge!!  Congratulations!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Loren, Thank you for making my day! I appreciate your compliments. It sure fells good.

    You have been given perfect advice from ayummymommy!! Thank you btw (ayummy) She hit the nail on the head. Take a good hard look at my before picture. I was doing cardiovascular training 4 days a week with no resistance training- and that was what I looked like. Then I embraced Body-For-Life and incorporated weight training, clean eating, and the HIIT program only 20 minutes, 3 times a week (sometimes 2)

    If you incorporate weight training you will get stronger, well toned muscles, but even more importantly, is the increase in the body's ability to burn up fat. Even when you aren't exercising, muscle tissue continue to get rid of fat better whenever you perform a typical exercise routine which includes muscle development exercises. Aerobic exercises tones up your cardiovascular and increases the purpose of the heart which is essential in delivering body to your muscle tissue. But to be able to continuously get rid of fat you need a combined both cardio training along with muscle development.

    If you don't have the Body-For-Life book please buy it today!! Life heavy, eat clean, and please feel free to ask questions along the way. Everyone at B.F.L. is here to help you in your journey. Welcome aboard!