• Awesome!  You must feel like you have the world by tail!  Great job!  Don't do what I did-10years later I'm bigger than I've ever been!  Just started the program again on 12/10/10.  I want to look like you!  You are now my Idol!!!  

  • Hi needtogetfit,

    I work with weights that are challenging for me. That will vary with each person depending on their strength. If I am not struggling on the last few reps that I know I need to lift heavier. I saw most of my changes in the 9th-12th week. I took pictures every 2 weeks so I could visually see the progress and did not use the scale as a guide.

    The Body Of Work by Bill Phillips is outstanding and will pump you up! Please go to UTube and type in the title. Thank you so much for your outstanding compliments! It helps me to continue to strive for more.



  • Pet lover 45, (I love your name!!) I have two greyhounds and a Terrier!! So cute!!

     Thank you so much for your gracious compliments. It is so easy to fall off the wagon. Let's both stick to our plans and be the best we can be. I'm rooting for you!

  • Thanks Lorig!! I just watched Body Of Work and it was great. You are my idol!!

  • Lorig-You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    We started with very similar stats, not sure how tall you are (I'm 5'1) and I'm starting my week 12 now.  Don't think my results are quite as dramatic but I've certainly learned a ton!

    Congrats to you on all aspects of your journey and transformation.  You are going to inspire so many here!!!

  • Oh yeah, did you ever set up a profile on BFL Tracker? I'd love to see your other progress photos!

  • wow!! that's what I want

    today i'll eat perfect... :)


  • Hi junibird,

    Congrats on reaching the 12th week mark! It's a milestone to reach the finish line.  I'm 5'2" so yes we are very similar. (my daughter calls me a shortie ha ha..) I'm sure your results are going to be fantastic. It's funny, I didn't realize how much I changed until I actually took the after picture. I bet you will surprise at yourself as well. I do have pictures of the transformation along the way, I just have to piece them together. I did not create an account on the BFL Tracker just used it as inspiration.

    Good luck in your last week and work hard!


  • Girl, you are an inspiration!!!  I am on my second week of the challenge.  I am 41 and it is nice to see other women around my age who are doing this.  I am not as small as you but have about the same BMI as you did when you started.  Thanks so much for posting your photos.  I have a blog that I started.  I will share when I get a little further along.  I am also going to take photos every 2 weeks.  Awesome job and I know you are so proud of yourself!!!!!

  • Lejang,

    Thank you for posting, I appreciate your wonderful compliments.(smile) I would love to read your blog once it's up and running. I'm always seeking out inspiration. I turn the big "40" in January and it is nice to find other women at the same stage in their lives. We are never to old to reshape our bodies. Congrats on reaching 2 weeks. Feel free to chime in along the way.

    Give it all you got!  I'm excited to see your results.



  • Thanks Lori-

    I haven't been able to take any photos since week 4 (camera broke) so I know that there are going to be things that I don't see myself.  I'm excited and am still changing as we speak it seems. :)

    Again, congrats. You truly look fantastic and radiant.  Not that 40 is old by any means but I would have thought you were in your twenties or early thirties too.  Great job!!!!

  • Wow!  You look absolutely amazing.  You should be so proud.   Congrats!

  • Congratulations!! You look amazing!  All that hard work and dedication truely paid off.  What a terrific transformation.  I'm in week 9 and am so excited to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.   I can only hope that I look as fantastic as you. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Fab pictures you did a great job.