• 15 year-shortcut, Thank you so much!! You are very sweet and I'm blushing.

    My friend Randy, I have been reading your posts everyday and you have come so far along! I can't wait for the day when you post your photo's. I'm proud of you! Thank you for your kind words.

  • HOLY COW! You are simply stunning. If I do body for life can I get a body like that? You are flawless and should be a model. I am so inspired by your pictures and will be printing them out as my goal source.

    My husband just saw your picture and said WOW she's fine.


  • You look fantastic - energized and happy! Congratulations beautiful!!

  • Amazing!! you are such an inspiration... you make me want to keep going!!

    Can u give us a typical days meals?

    also, curious... how tall are you?

  • Wowzer!  Amazing results!  Your smile says it all!  Congrats!


  • WOW! You DID IT!!!!! Congrats! You are an inspiration!!!

  • Ummmm.....holy cow. I have seen some pretty incredible transformations over the years and yours is side by side with the best of them. I'm happy for you......you will inspire many by your example.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hello ayummymommy,

    I'm so glad you are committing to the Body-For-Life program! You will more than transfer your body. Thank you for your kind words. Please remember, no matter who you are, how much you weigh, or what you do, you have the power to tranform.

    I'm 5'2" tall and will be hitting the big "40" in January!

    Here is a typical day of meals:

    (Multivitamin, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C)

    5 egg whites with flaxseed

    Plain Oatmeal

    Water with Pro Science Reload (cherry)

    Spinach salad with asparagus and olive oil

    1/2 sweet potato plain


    Myoplex light shake

    Steamed chicken


    1/2 cup brown rice

    Water with Pro Science Reload

    Natural peanut butter

    Polaner jelly with no sugar extra fiber

    Low salt Rice cake


    Myoplex light shake

  • Thank you fit4life!! Your photo's have inspired me throughout the last 12 weeks. I love the picture of you holding your daughter. You are totally ripped! (smile) I worked so hard and really appreciate your kindness.

  • Thank you so much lorig277! I asked your height etc because I was pretty sure we were relatively the same height and I was right. You give me hope. I have about 10 lbs-15lbs (my ideal) (7%-9% bodyfat) to lose so your transformation is kind of what I can achieve. I am a touch shorter but otherwise very similar. I am starting at a heavier weight than you but not by too much.

    You have done an amazing job and thank so much for providing that meal plan...SOOOO helpful to see what others have done/do and what has worked for them.


  • ayummymommy, Your transformation will be outstanding! In the end, the weight was dropping off so fast I was eating extra calories so I didn't lose to much. You don't have alot to lose. Remember to push hard every day and leave the gym feeling like you gave it 100%. I am excited for you and looking forward to seeing your results. Go for it!!

  • Thank you and I am hoping it starts to "fall off" soon too. Did you have stalling points? When did you really begin to see changes? What did you find the most difficult about the process?

  • Lori you look absolutely amazing!  I know you must be so so so proud!!!    Your makeup looks perfect by the way ;)  As does everything else.  You rocked it!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Another question: Did you take your free day/free meal? what were your indulgences?

    Also, did you workout in a fasted state for cardio? Or did you have a regular protein carb meal before?

    Did you wait to eat after?

  • BFLSue, You were an inspiration to me along my journey! Thank you for your kind words!! I had MAC do my makeup btw and was very happy.

    ayummymommy, Most of my changes happened during the 9th week. To keep myself motivated I would read the transformational essays, use visualization techniques and read inspirational poetry. I had my ups and downs but tried to stay focused and would constantly surround myself with positive thoughts, and inspiring people. I would strongly suggest that you watch" The Body Of Work" by Bill Phillips (I watched it every day) It's on Utube. Fantastic!

    As far as indulging goes by the 5th week I no longer wanted to eat sweets or salty food. I would have a chocolate chip granola bar now and then and a Big Mac here and there. I no longer wanted the junk food. I would suggest that you eat your free/meal but as time goes on it won't seem important any longer.