• wow.....what a wonderful job.....you look so great!.....I'm only in week 3, and could use a little advice....I'm sure you must remember back to where i am at in this journey, with a smile, glad you made it work for you...hope it works for me too. have a great day.


  • I love the new pictures in your profile. That pageant picture is gorgeous!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • Hi, I have lost 20 pounds and wanted to share this information with you since you have been such a big help. Thank you for all your messages. You are a beautiful woman inside and out!

    Ladies- check out this transformation of Lori- it is the best I have ever seen!

  • Wow Lorig2727. You did a superb job at your transformation. How in the world did you loose 14% of body fat in 12 weeks. I am so impressed.

  • I said I would check back in when I could do 5 real pushups.  Well today was the day! I made my daughter watch to make sure I really did all 5! When I started this journey 14 weeks ago (I started a second round of BFL) I could barely do 1 from my knees!  It took everything I had to finish that 5th one but OMG I did it!  Now to go for 10!  Thanks Lori for your advice and encouragement. There hasn't been a day in the gym that I haven't thought "be a warrior!" since I read your post that said that.  Sometimes all it takes is a word to encourage (build courage into a person) and you did that many times for me.  I hope to be able to pay it forward.  


  • Lori,

    I saw you at the pageant and you did fantastic! You are not only gorgeous on stage but a great public speaker. Bravo to you and congrats on your win.

    Folks, check out Lori's before and after shots if your looking for motivation!

  • I fully agree, Lori is INDEED an inspiration to all of us and everyone should check out her results on her profile and here on the forum.  It was great that you got to see and hear her needtogetfit ( I hope I have a chance some day) for she could surely go all the way to the top as a pro in the future. Way to go Lori!!! Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Good health and blessing to all!



  • Hey Lori! Since you were on the forum today I figure you will read my comment. I've had a picture of you on my wall all year and I often think of your amazing story. Thank you for sharing your success, it has made such an impact on my life. During my challenge I would think of your results when I felt like slacking and it helped me to successfully resist temptation. But I also thought about the way it made your muscles stronger and you regained the ability to speak again. I had a lot of physical problems and it is so inspiring to see how your life changed when you became stronger than your struggles.

    I'm so glad you still check out the forums now and then and I can share that with you. Hope you had a great holiday!

  • Inspiring transformation!!!

  • LiL Caity,

    You are so sweet and I am delighted that my story has provided you with inspiration. Still to this day if I don't lift weight for a few day's my voice becomes softer and I lose the ability to speak. It is a constant reminder that weight training strengthens my vocal cords and gives me the ability to speak. How remarkable is that?

    I am blessed to receive such a wonderful message of love from you. It is my wish that you continue to find inspiration and realize that you can make each day, a day of dedication to your health and happiness!



  • HOLY MOLY you look great. If I can look even close to that I would be happy. GREAT JOB

  • Absolutely Amazing and very motivating! Congratulations on reaching your goals!!!!

  • Wow!  You look amazing!  Great job! You should be very very proud....

  • AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! I am almost done with week 6 and I am so inspired by your success!