• Wow Lori, years later you are still inpiring!  I am starting Monday Jan 7 and read everyone of your posts on this thread to get the most advice from you I can!  Going to watch that movie on Youtube in the morning (and maybe every morning after that!) Looking forward to the future!  God bless you.


  • Hi Lori,

    Thanks for the updated photos. You still look amazing. Congrats on finding the man of your dreams and your day care opening. Your story still inspires me. I'm still at it making slow progress one step forward two steps back. lol. Still need to tweek thge eating someday I will get it. Glad you posted.

  • Thank you....Im sitting here trying to talk myself into not going downstairs to workout, so I popped on here for some motivation....and you have indeed given that to me....DOWNSTAIRS I GO!!

  • Lori, just wondering what you have done for abs? I know abs are "made in the kitchen" but what did you do when you started and what do you do now?  I am doing this entirely at home.  I really paid attention to all you said about your diet and how you work out I followed it pretty close and lost 3-1/2 lbs as of tonight (go me!).  Thanks for posting on this thread you really helped alot.  


  • Thank you sarabeth0720, Sallyforlife, claude L and for everyone who continues to send me messages. I hope your continue to honor yourself and make each day count! Yesterday I lifted about 500 lbs on the leg press... and it made me feel so proud. I hope you smile when you push hard and reveal your inner athlete.


    If you want to address your abs you need two essential elements:

    1-Cardio, cardio, cardio!!! In order to reveal a six-pack you need to remove the overlaying fat that hides your abs. Spot reduction is not possible. However, if you address your body as an integrated system of reducing your overall fat then you will reveal your sexy abs that are currently trapped behind a layer of fat. Please keep in mind, doing 500 crunches a day will only exhaust you but it will not get rid of fat.

    2-The only way to reveal your abs is not by the number on the scale but rather your body fat percentage. If you follow the eating plan your body will lean out and your body fat will drop naturally. This is when you need to be patience and trust the process. Some women tend to get lean more quickly than others but I did not notice my abs beginning to peak out during the 8-9th week. I did however begin to skip the “free day” early on. Once I shed the fat then I could see all the hard work that I was doing in the gym.

    Now I will address the abdominal exercises that I preformed. I really believe that it is the cardio that really helps to shape the abs. Overall, please keep in mind that there are no shortcuts. It is only after addressing the diet and cardio requirements- then your abs will peak. 1) Hanging leg raises (3 sets of 15) 2) Ab crunches on a seated machine (45 lbs 3 sets of 20 ish) 3) Oblique twist (3 sets of 20). This is what I currently do but I change my workouts all the time.

    Push hard in the gym every time! Each day is precious.

    Make yourself proud!!! Keep me posted on your efforts.

  • Lori,

    I love your new pictures in your profile, you look amazing. Thank you for cheering everyone on- you are an inspiration and someone who we admire. By the way, pushing 500 lbs on the leg press is impressive. Its weird because most women are afraid of heavy weights but we can clearly see that you don't get bulky from them.

    Your profile says your birthday is January 27th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Lori, good to see you are still here, keeping it together and helping others. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • What an amazing transformation ~ Congradulations!!  You look fabulous!  Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are so inspiring! :)

  • Wow, amazing transformation.

    Look very hot too!! :)

  • Amazing! Congratulations :)

  • How to Stay Motivated!! A few tips to consider...

    Focus on the feeling of better health, getting stronger and avoid the trap that thinness is the “perfect image of beauty”. Instead, aim to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, beat emotional eating, and embrace your figure exactly where it is right now.

    If you missed a workout, or ate way too much one day, do not throw in the towel. Remember one or two bad days cannot erase all the hard work you’ve accomplished up until now. You don’t have to start over, just keep going. No excuses—you’re worth it!

    Switch from vanity-based fitness goals to those that can yield fitness related results. For example, instead of saying I want to lose 10-pounds in 12 weeks; make it your goal to lift double that weight in 12-weeks. Or run 5 miles without stopping. My recent goal was to do 10 chin-ups (4 sets) and I am excited to have surpassed that goal!

    Learn to love yourself instead of always focusing on the “big change” you’re striving for.

    Warm Wishes,


  • Ok, I am still in it - almost finished with 4 weeks. Lost 7 lbs and just today I put on a pair of jeans that are usually pretty snug and had to hike them up all day!  Whoot whoot! . I know I am serious, cuz its the first time in my life that I finally gave up coffee with cream and sugar. Thats almost like cutting off an apendage haha!  Anyway, I am down 7 lbs and I just keep hearing "Be a warrior in the gym" in my head while I am working out.  You just never know what words are gonna stick right?!  Anyway, I am still trying to follow what you have said, I have not quite given up my free day, but I don't eat everything just because I can. I have to 1. crave it or 2. can't resist it and 3. if it doesn't taste good or if you really don't want to eat it all don't!  I actually crave mostly whole eggs and toast with butter - real food!  I see what you posted above and I will do that.  I am 47 and I don't really care about how much weight I lose.  I want to be healthy and active and self controlled and a good example for my kids (19 and 21).  I like the way you phrased that idea to "switch from vanity based goals to that can yield fitness related goals."   I sat and thought about that one for awhile and I think I will do just that. I want to be able to do 10 real pushups. To me that would be a great accomplishment.  Last time I tried I couldn't even do one. I guess its time to try again! Thanks so much for your posts. They challenge me and have helped me in the mental aspect of this so much. Its obvious you have a teachers heart too you know how to teach me what is not naturally innate in me (yet)!  Thanks for paying it forward, I hope some day to do the same!  Here is my quote for the week from Winston Churchill "Never, never, never, never give up!"  Gonna go try to do a real push up right now in fact!!  Sally :)


  • Hey! I did ONE real pushup!!!!! Will let you know when I get to 5.  :)


  • I'm starting today and looking at your transformation has completely inspired me. Great job and awesome work!!!!

  • Wow!!! That is one awesome transformation!!!