what did you eat in your last two weeks?

  • Would love to see a typical day's food posted for those who have finished the challenge.  I've read a lot about switching  out starchy carbs for things like sweet potatoes and what not.  I want to really push these last two weeks but not deviate from the program.  Want to really keep my eating as clean as possible.  I know many people clean up their diet even more in those last two weeks.


  • junibird,

    In the last two weeks I stuck to the BFL plan and made absolutetly sure I ate 100% clean. The only thing I did differently was I really watched my sodium intake. I also stopped taking creatine during that time. Otherwise I focused on eating clean and breaking all my personal records in the gym. The last two weeks is the culmination of the previous 10 weeks of hard work and discipline. Eat cleaner, lift heavier, Run further and Finish strong!!


    I can post a typical days nutrition if you would like. let me know.

  • I would love to see a typical day  ;).....

  • Junibird: The only suggestion I would recommend and what worked really well for me is for your final 2 meals of the day eat only fibrous carbs (veggies) with your protein. Stay with your yams/rice/whole wheat pasta etc. for your first 4 meals though. This stradegy is called "calorie tapering". This works especially well when you have only the final 5-7 pounds of fat (the most stubborn) to lose. Hope this helps.....it worked well for me.

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  • Here is a typical day for me:

    6:00am - 1c egg whites, 1 small WW torilla, 1 tsp organic salsa(no salt no preservatives) OR Myoplex original in water

    7:30am - 1 scoop Push, EAS L-glutamine, EAS HMB

    8:00am -  Workout

    9:00am - Myoplex Deluxe in water 1 scoop Push, EAS L-glutamine, EAS HMB

    12:00pm - Chicken or Tuna (fresh not canned) or lean beef with sweet potato or wild rice and veggies (this meal is usually the leftovers from the 6pm meal the previous day)

    3:00pm - Myoplex original in water EAS L-glutamine, EAS HMB

    6:00pm - Chicken, baked potato (no butter, sour cream or anything) or wild rice and veggies

    9:00pm - 1c of Cottage Cheese Dry Curds and 1c of yogurt,  EAS L-glutamine, EAS HMB

    I also drink minimum of 4L of water in addition to the water used in shakes.

    On cardio days I dont eat at 6am (just two glasses of water) and my first meal is around 9:30 1 hour after I am finished HIIT. So that is only 5 meals on cardio days. Works for me.

  • Thanks y'all----helpful info!

    LDPower-great (and honest) insights!  I know that this is just the beginning, I guess I just find it somehow counterintuitive when I will feel like I am flying so high one week and then in the pits another.  I keep thinking that there's got to be a happy medium somewhere-I mean, I am doing this to feel good!  But getting to a level of fitness that entails the hot bod I know I am capable of having will have some bumpy moments.  And in all honesty, I think that the less "free" I am on my free days, the less often I have the swings.  

    And fit4life--that calorie taping thing is what I was curious about.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to cut out all starchy carbs these last two weeks which kind of made me a bit nervous.  I'd say 7lbs of fat is about what I need to lose.  Not sure if I'll get all of them off this challenge but I'm shooting to lose 4lbs of fat in these last two weeks.  

    Getting back to the forums has really helped me get excited again.  Thanks everyone!

  • oops, I responded to LDPower's post on another thread....

  • About halfway through my challenge, I made my last meal of the day mostly protein & very low carbs.  Other than that I kept everything the same.  The last few weeks, I ate my starchy carbs (bread, tortillas, rice - all brown, of course, yams, oatmeal etc...) in my first 3-4 meals of the day.  My last few meals were basically lots and lots of veggies and some lean protein.  I almost always had a low carb protein shake for my last meal of the day.  The final week, I cut out fruit.   In the final few days, I cut my starchy carbs down to only 2 a day, and then cut them out completely the day before pictures.  I also cut out all sodium the day before pictures, and cut back a bit on water that last day.  Good luck to you in this home stretch.

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  • Junibird....by definition "calorie tapering" simply means that you are eating more calories (carbs) during the daytime then tapering them off in the evening. You defintely need those starchy carbs for fuel during the day. You must be doing well if you are down to those last few pounds of fat.....that's great. For me those final 5-7 pounds of fat means the difference between just a flat stomach and having a 6 pack.....BIG difference.

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  • I didn't change a thing.  I continued to eat as I normally did...clean.  Here's my typical day (it's a link to a previous post):


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!