When in a rut, kick it up? / peanut problem--what to eat on the road, alone and hungry

  • I have been in a rut for a while.  Binging on weekends. No really gaining muscle but not gaining fat % of my body weight.

    My big vice is nuts, particularly cashews, which I consume on the road, when hungry.  It's a comfort food, and not approved.

     Does anyone have a substitute food that I can go to without resorting to peanuts?   I always heard that a handful of cashews a day was good for you in many ways.  It's not looked upon kindly here...many posters see it as a fatty, non-essential/trigger food.  If I am consuming a few handfuls a day, salted, am I sabotaging myself?

    Does anyone have a substitute?

    By kicking it up I want to become a master body builder.  I am serious.  I lost almost 80 lbs. a few years ago and added significant muscle.  Has anyone ever kicked it up a notch to the next level, to stay out of a rut?  Can I rely on BFL or do I need to invest in a darn good trainer, and hang out in the gym all day?

    I am tooled up, ready to move forward.  Can any one offer some words of wisdom?





  • A handful is just too much. A spoonful a day is not. Although, you need to know that they are incredibly high in calories even in small protions. So, if they really means all that much to you. Have a spoonful, count that towards your healthy fat. Which means, don't eat any more fat that day.... which is incredibly hard.

    One of the key ingredients of success in this program is to be prepared in advance. I have a lunch box with me every time I go out of the house. This is particularly hard because I don't drive.. but I don't care. I will take my lunch box with me now, or take a pacer with me in ten years from now. I choose the box.

    You can have "interesting" allowed food in it. I have prawns, an apple, one boiled egg, two wholegrain organic rice cakes, etc. If also bought tiny food containers for me to stack my "wet food" like cottage cheese, hummus I made myself blended with my allowed portion of olive oil and lime juice, or a slice of barbecued chicken *** with coriander and spiced cottage cheese relish. Prepare in advance.

    You don't need a trainer. You need to forget everything you ever read in a tabloid if you are not an experienced gym rat. Read the book, don't read into it. Follow it and you are going to do great.

    The book "Body for Life" by Bill Philips is essential to put everything in perspective. The list of allowed foods is available here on this link:


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