new challenge vs living the lifestyle?

  • At what point does the challenge just become the lifestyle?  I completed my challenge the last week of Oct and have just continued the lifestyle without the pressure of another 12 weeks.  I've maintained my weight loss and from what I can see in the mirror have continued to build muscle.  I thought about another challenge but I'm happy with the weight I'm at and I don't feel I need the stress of another challenge right now.

    My question is has anyone else had the same type of experience and if so how did it workout for you just living the BFL lifestyle without the official challenge attached?


  • Hi Philly39,

    Excellent question - wish I could tell you a 100% certain, for sure, answer.  I passed day 588, equivalent to 7 challenges, on Nov. 21.  I think in the final analysis I acquired a deep appreciation of the benefits it was giving me, I realized that the lifestyle change was the right thing for me, and I wanted to help others as well (reciprocation principle).  Among other things, I feel confidence and closure in this lifestyle.  I observe others who don't follow this program, and their physical state of being, and it frightens me, so I must admit there is a small element of fear as well.  But the overriding driver comes from the deep sense of satisfaction it brings to my soul.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.