Week 10 Crash and Burn

  • So I made it through week 9 flawlessly (well there was one Sunday I cheated a little).  I'm 5 10 and lost 13lbs and reached 141lbs.  Week 9 was the first week I didn't lose any weight and it did something to me mentally.  This week I've cheated...binged almost for three days.  I can't seem to have the hard core motivation I had.  My works outs are still amazing and actually feel better because I have energy.  My mood has greatly improved too.  One thing to note every cheat day I felt horribly anxious by the evening and often couldn't sleep.  I even got sick a couple times.  I'm wondering if keeping your body clean for 6 days and then slamming it with a bunch of crap is more unhealhty then having a couple moderate cheat days?  Anyway, I need some motivation...the holiday season is upon us.  I don't plan to stop at week 12 but I would like to continue the journey.

  • Hey ErinLS,

    I would recommend just pushing through it.  Stay on 'the path'.  In my first challenge weeks 8 - 10 or so I had tremendous cravings and was soooo hungry!  But it does pass.  I understand the mental aspect, that is why I don't recommend weighing on a weekly cycle.  Keep it monthly at most.  And are you doing any other measurements?  Body fat % and actual body measurements.  Those are the important ones.  The scale is fickle!

    Stop and think what kind of story you want to tell your friends and family?  Or more importantly, yourself.  Do you want to say that you quit because your mind was playing games with you?  Or would you rather say that you hit a hard point, fell down, got up, dusted yourself off and moved on to victory?  Everyone falls, it's how we handle failure that determines our destiny.

    Keep on keepin' on!

    Direction determines destination

  • I would stick with the program.  Try to stay focused on your goal.  When I get in the mood for chilidogs and such, I catch myself and look at pics from three years ago.

  • ErinLS,

    Congratulations on making it to week 10!!! You are right there!! Success is right in front of you all you need do is reach out and take it. Toss that scale in the garbage. it is a horrible indicator of success. How do your clothes fit? are you measurments decreasing? how is your energy level? use things like that. Scale weight flucuates and that is normal but do base how you feel about yourself nor measure your success by what the scale says.

    Week 10 can be quite hard. You are not alone. By week 10 your body should be digging into deep stores of body fat. Body fat doesnt burn so well and you might feel hungry or have cravings you haven't had for awhile. This is normal. KEEP GOING!!!! You are so close! Don't stop now! You CAN do this!!

    As for your free days they are yours to do with as you wish. IMHO they are not days to binge eat or go crazy. Definatley eat what you want but be mindful of just how much you are putting into your body. If you are feeling sick then you may want to consider what you are eating on that day. just my two cents.

    You are so right about continuing past 12 weeks. For me BFL had become a lifestyle. Old habits are gone and solid BFL eating and fitness habits happen every day. Stick with plan. FInish your 12 weeks strong. Don't fret about food. It doesn't jump into your mouth on its own you have to put it there; you are in control.


    eat cleaner, lift heavier, run further


  • ErinLS,

    Keeping focus during the challenge is a tough task especially when you get near the end. Remind yourself daily that you are close to reaching your goal. Everyone has an off day and may deviate from the meal plan. No big deal. Just learn from the situtation and go at it again the next day. Keep your fitness goal with you at all time and review your accomplishments daily. This will provide much motivation to finish the program strong and achieve your goal.

    Good luck!


    The BFL Team

  • You're actually very lucky you were losing weight in these first weeks to start with. When I did my BFL for the first time, I was actually gaining weight the first two weeks!!!

    Only AFTER 6 weeks, I saw my weight drop by 12 pounds.

    There are times when your body temporarily stops losing then picks up again and carries on losin.

    Don't undo all the hard work you put in it.

    Stop psyching yourself out of your success and go get you new body. It's waiting for you.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear