Weight training

  • I am now in week 7...finding that my muscles now tell me when I hit level "10".   My muscles were petty sore during the first few weeks, but not anymore.   On my final set of reps for each muscle group, I feel different....my muscles feel spent (not burning or sore at all) - exhausted.  At that point, i know I'm done.   I just keep going on that final set and "boom", I can't do one more.   My muscles actually tell me - you're done.   

    My muscle tone is improving dramatically.....just want make sure that I'm doing this right.    


  • that's exactly how it should work, you should feel your muscles fatigue not sore it is actually a really good feeling.  The initial "soreness" in the 1st few weeks is from your muscles not being used to being exerted.

  • I have a question on what to do if you can't reach 6 reps at level 10. For example on bench press the other day I could finish only 3. I dropped back five pounds and did five more, then dropped five more to do a final set of 12. Would it have been better to quit set 4 at 3 reps, then drop the five pounds and do the final set of 12 reps? Sometimes this happens on bicep curl as well.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • You definitely have too much weight...I prefer to do a minimum of 8 reps through level 10.   Just feels like I'm really working the muscle.

    - start out with lighter weights for level 5 and 6 - I consider this bascially warm ups for the muscle being worked.   I might actually do 15 reps here until I figure out the appropriate weight.  You can burn yourself out here if you try to do too much.  I really try to save energy for the higher levels.  

    - for level 9 and 10, again, make sure that you don't have too much weight.  you can still achieve a "10" by doing more reps.  

    As a note,  your strength will increase and you will have to adjust your weight every 2,3 4 weeks or so.  As I keep getting stronger, I am amazed at the increase in wieights that I can now handle.

  • Thanks, I'll make note of that for Friday. It's been difficult for me to find the right weight levels because I have switched gyms and could lift so much more at my old gym than at the new one. I know that means that I am working the muscles in new ways which can only be beneficial; it just makes it harder to estimate how much I can do.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.