Story of my transformation ...

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    I went into this wanting muscle and strength. I am in my last week now. Just did this phot shoot as I was trying out the camera and the studio I made in my bedroom. This is the story of my transformation.

    Before Front Pose

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    WEEK 11



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  • For the first two weeks I was mostly learning the exercise routines and getting the feel of the program,

    Week 3 was when I wanted to push through positive muscle failure. I would either hold the point of muscle failure with the force of concentration or push through it.

    Week 5 was when I felt I was pushing through even beyond mental limits. Like at the end of set when you go beyond failure on big lifts your mind looses awareness of everything and still you push with your spirit.

    Beyond Week 5 was purely a spiritual exercise for me. Going from muscle failure to mental failure and then to spirit.

    I also realized the power of visualization. I pulled out pictures of my favourite bodybuilder Mike Mentzer and put them on walls and my desktop so that I would look at him until the physique was glued into my mind. When I was pushing beyond failure, I would imagine my muscle looking like that.

    In the end I am very pleased with the change. I am also pleased with my mental eveolution and the journey from muscle failure to mental failure and then to this force called spirit.

    May the force be with you!

  • No Way!!!! That is not you!!! LOL  Great job!!!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • You look AMAZING!! Nice glutes by the way...hehe! Great story as are a great inspiration!

  • You have done an amazing job. There is a huge improvement in your muscularity along with fat loss. Way to go. That is very inspiring. Keep it up!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • great work!  You look years younger!

  • Wow.  I'm speechless!

  • You have done a great job...very noticeable changes!   Keep it up!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Seriously... that's impressive!!! You can tell you've been working HARD. GREAT transformation!

  • I enjoyed your story.  really great pics!

  • Hi seahound, you look amazing but you must be feeling even better.... Its an amazing feeling when you have achieved something you have been striving for for so long, i had alot of positive changes when i used visualisation also, competing in bodybuilding i used my mentors' photos and i truly believe that was a big part of my sucess.  I also used it as you say when doing gym work, i visualise the muscle im working changing shape and getting stronger.  You are now there and you will never go back cause the feeling you have now will stay with you forever, you will only get more stronger and more leaner, because you have experienced that "feeling" of personal sucess!!

  • Thanks so much everyone.

    Yes kiwigirl I totally understand what you are saying. I may not have understood you before Body for Life but now I do. In the beginning I used to see positive failure as something scientific. I thought my muscle fails when it fails and you cant d anything about it! It took me some time to realize that it was a failure of my mind. Once I contemplated on that micro second where mind fails it lead to realize that I had something deeper than mind inside me. In every set I was seeking to get acquainted with that and then I felt the laws of science bending to my will and I am not kidding! I also felt that visualization was the most effective when it was done beyond the point of muscle failure and even more effective when it was done beyond the point of mental failure. Whatever you imagine in that spiritual "zone" your body will become exactly THAT! It is freaky but if you can find that "force" you have achieved a lot more than what BodyforLife promised to give.