Tough going year three: binging, turning free day into "free for all"; Cajun cooking blow out fueled by Turbodog ; need advice on how to control binges

  • I tried, I mean I really tried.  I knew we had a cajun party to attend on Saturday and still managed to blow it.  Over ate on the free day.  Four Turbo dog beers.  At least onebig  bag of chips washed down by gobs of vanilla ice cream and apple pie and cookies and mouthfuls of dot candies the kids left around.  Then tonight, just thinking of the calorie disaster, I wolfed down some bagels with peanut butter.

    I want to go after the"ring" and reach my goal of total ab definition and pec perfection, yet the free days seem to bring me down.  They are killing me, and the holiday season is approaching.  It's like holding my head under water and trying not to breath.  I just need junk food and high fat food, and once the free day starts, it's a flood of gluttony.  It's like my alter ego evil old self takes over.

    In the past my fello warriors have told me to "plan" and think about the stuff I will eat, especially on free days. And I try, and what happens is as soon as the good times roll, so does the food consumption.

     Just seems I cheat and defeat the whole purpose of my good eating habits during the week.

    I bet I consume 2,000 calories per meal on cheat day.  No kidding.

    I have lost 100 lbs. since June 2007 and look kind of cut, and obviously have done something right, but I need inspiration and advice on how to get myself under control so I can reach my goals. 





  • WOW!! what amazing results so far, dont beat yourself up, just try and come up with a way that suits you and your lifestyle.  Why dont you try and limit yourself to a time zone on your free day so for example only free meals after 12pm or if you would still go mad give yourself just 3 meals a day which you can eat what you like, that way you are still giving yourself the freedom you desire but you are also still mentally in control of what you are doing.  There is so many different foods out there people need that "freedom" mentally and physically to enjoy them but some of us also need a little control. Good luck!