WEEk 3 and Lasik surgery tomorrow

  • Headed to the hospital now not looking forward to the a week of no gym and no running.  I'm going to dream of running and hitting the gym.  Stay Motivated everyone.

  • It may break your momentum but start strong when you're able to and good luck.  I had a trip to the ER break the momentum my first challenge, but on the up side it felt great that first day back.

  • I had LASIK in 2000 and have to say it was the best expenditure of health care dollars I ever made (aside from my three babies of course).

    Enjoy your crisp sharp vision.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Thanks for the support the surgery is over now and I shouldnt be on here right now so just wanted to say thanks I will be hitting the Gym with Vengence once this week is up.  Stay Motivated.

  • Well I'm back in actiion now I'm on wk 5 although I was out for 2 of those wks with the eye surgery and my annevesiary right after that.  This past week felt really good hitting the gym and getting back in the grove of things well other than this knee injury I'm nursing everything is good to go.  Cardio will be  a lot more of the stationery bike.  STAY MOTIVATED everyone