half way there and bad news...

  • two main reasons

    disclaimer: I often only get in 5 meals, but it would be better if I did 6

    1 - the spacing / timing - it's better to more regularly feed

    2 - the amount you can process at once is more aligned with the amount appropriate to a meal on a 6 meal schedule (approximately 25g of protein for a woman).  It wouldn't work as well to increase the meal size or to simply skip meal 6.

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  • Interesting. Tell that to Emily Alvers.

  • could you also explain why that wouldn't work as well?

  • Focus on the plan that works, not the exceptions.  It's a pit fall to look for the exceptions. 

    Why what wouldn't work as well?  You mean 5 meals?  It would "work", but not as well as 6 meals, as I just explained.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • i do eat 6 times. You never explained why it works, you just said it works.

  • You mean why 6 meals works or why it works better than 5 meals? 

    6 meals gives your body the consistent feeding it needs in the right amounts of the right things to keep the "machine" running best.

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  • great answer.

  • 1 lb of steel weighs the same as 1 lb of wood, yet steel is heavier than wood.  Just like it takes a grapefruit of fat to equal a baseball of muscle, because muscle weighs more than fat.  

  • Muscle weighs more than fat BY VOLUME, but no, it does not weigh more than fat.  A pound of steel would weigh the same as a pound of feathers, but they would be in 2 different sizes. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I had an issue with not losing as much as I "thought" I should have until I adjusted three things.  I reduced the portion size of food (from about 1700 calories down to 1400 calories), I added 3 extra days of light cardio, just to get my heartrate up and core temp up and then my 6th meal.  I too feel 6 meals makes a difference. Your not adding food - your dividing the total your eating into 6 meals thereby feeding your body more often, but less. (my take on it) Then again, this may not work for everyone - worked for me.   I started out at 190-195 and I am down to 183 at the end of week 7.   I am eating .9g of protein/pound.   Same amount on carbs and a spoonful of natural Almond butter/day for the fats. Oh... No cheat days, just a cheat meal/week.  My bloodpressure is down as I am beginning to get lightheaded.  Need to have the meds reduced!

  • For a man, 1400 is typically too low.  You really should be at around 1700-1850.  Fish oil would do you better than nut butter.

    I think it's great you found a system that works for you.  Just make sure you are thinking long term.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • When building your body, in the same way as a car or aircraft, you need to consider the materials you use.  If you put one cubic foot of muscle in, it will weigh more than one cubic foot of fat.  That is how I compare one material to another, by comparing an equal volume of both and in that way muscle does weigh more than fat.  I do it so often at work it's a given I'm comparing the same volume.  I didn't realize I needed to write out all the variables.  We could keep this going and get into gravitational flux and newtons but I think we get the idea.

    Anyway, the best advice so far was to just keep following BFL and you will see results.  We can all agree on that.

  • Hi, you didn't say what you ate before the challenge. Sometimes when you are over weight and diet by not eating enough calories (under1200) your body responds by holding on to any fat it can. When you start to eat healthy and the right amount of calories it takes a while for your body to adjust and sometimes you may even gain a few pounds. This can be very discourging, but if you hold to the BFL diet and workout plan it will work even if you do not see the results untill the last few weeks. Good Luck