I'd love to hear when YOU made the most progress!

  • Oh jeez-I just wrote a long response to your question BD Mom and it deleted somehow...

    I had been going strong with everything but was struggling a lot with low energy.  I tried upping my calories a little but got sick last week and just slept, slept, slept and ate some real junk. :( So I didn't even count last week in my challenge.  So I am starting anew this week, feeling much more rested but bloated and heavy from my bad eating.  Trying not to dwell on it though.  I'm in this for a life change, not just the 12 weeks.

    In terms of my progress, I'm impatient for quick results like others but I am losing inches and starting to see some definition.  I think this week will unfortunately be mostly repairing the damage I did last week. I've never been particularly toned even though I'm in a healthy weight range so this is exciting.  At the four week mark, I had lost about four inches but only 2 lbs.  Was hoping for a great loss overall but was definitely happy with those results.  I'm hoping for one of those week 8 miracles but know that the results will come if I just stick with it.  

    I'm a little confused as to where my bf is...At the beginning of the challenge I had a trainer do it with calipers and he said I was at 23%.  At the four week mark I had a different trainer do it but she used a totally different equation and got 30%.  Since I am losing inches but not pounds, I know I have to be losing fat.  Using the 30% as a benchmark but think that I'm somewhere in between the two numbers.  Going to use the same trainer at 8 weeks for consistency.  

    Here are my photos so far:


    Sorry for the long post, it's a slow day at work today!  :)

  • I made the most progress during active rest.  I would bust my behind during my challenges and then begin back sliding during AR.  It was when I finally realized that I was self sabotaging during AR that I really broke the barriers.

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  • Junibird:  That is a good attitude.  It is for life, not just for twelve weeks.  Sorry you were not feeling well.  It is difficult to eat healthy and workout when your body is fighting you. Glad you took the rest you needed and are ready to get back on track.  I started in a healthy range for my height as well (5'4", 121#'s), so really wanted to lose a little body fat and tone & lean out. That was my original goal.  I have met some of my goals, and hope to have met them all in the next two weeks.  You are doing great!  Your pics look good and your losses are noticeable.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I have found having the same company/trainer, etc...do your measurements, body fat, etc...is really important.  Everyone has a different technique and can throw your numbers off.  I will do an underwater BF test when I am done, and I will have the same trainer at the gym do my after measurements.  Best of luck to you finishing up this challenge.  Keep going; you can do it!!

    Champster:  Thanks for the insight.  I am a little nervous about AR myself and know now to prepare a little better.  

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  • I actually lost the same amount every month 10lbs. I noticed the biggest change in fat loss between weeks 4 and 8 in regards to the gut and man boobs shrinking. Between weeks 8 and 12 I noticed my muscles were becoming more noticable and defined.

  • Thanks BDMom-I needed the encouragement too.  It's great to hear everyone's experience here.  Considering how lean you already are, I think you will be seeing a lot of changes in the coming weeks. I'll be excited to see your results!!!

    Patience Patience Patience----gotta keep telling myself that.  :)

    I was able to get in a great LB workout last night. I think this thread was a great motivator.

    Many thanks!