Is there a reason I am so tired?

  • Hi All-

    I'm just starting week 5 and have had some pretty good results so far (four inches lost) but ever since the middle of week three have felt my energy levels drop pretty dramatically.  I was roaring through my HIIT sessions and now I've had to stop and catch my breath for a few seconds the last two times.  I complete the workout but am getting slower.  What could be going on? 

    I've upped my water intake and only drink one cup of coffee a day.  Have cut out alcohol too.  Last week I added an extra rest day because I just had to get more sleep.  This weekend, I completed my workouts and stayed on track food wise but slept for almost 20 hours one night! 

    Ironically, the first few weeks, I was feeling a major adrenaline surge---to almost an uncomfortable point.  I was also having a hard time sleeping.  It feels like things swung the other direction and now I am dealing with some kind of adrenal blowout.  Anyone have advice?  

  • I should also add that I take a multi-vitamin, a green "superfood" supplement and CLA.  

    I also take a synthetic thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism.  This could be the big culprit and I am going to schedule a physical in the next week to get my levels checked but I've never had any issues since I've been on the medication.  

  • I would suggest a CBC (complete blood count). This could determine if you are fighting anything in your body you are not aware of.

  • Once you find out there is nothing medical pressing... I would say that 5 weeks into a challenge you could be just that tired! Doing this plan you really challenge your body and I find that about week four/five I just can't get enough sleep for recovery... usually happens again to me around week 9. (I've done two challenges so far) Make sure you are fueling your body properly and getting enough clean food into your system. If you need to add more, add a little more protein. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thanks Ladies-I did make an appt. with my doctor for a physical but am thinking that Tisha may be right---and was hoping that there may be some others out there that have gone through this.  I wasn't one of the people who had been in great shape at a previous point in my life before starting the program.  I've been in "decent shape" and at a healthy weight for some years but I have NEVER done anything like this.  My hope is that my body is just changing rapidly and is working hard to keep up.  

    We'll see what the doctor says.  I feel I've been eating enough and very clean but I do occasionally add a little extra protein on days when I feel I want to eat the house!  

  • I agree with PP. Get checked out.

    I think I slept week three/four away. I was exhausted. I've never been one for sleeping in... but I got a couple of 12 hour nights and could have easily slept longer if it weren't for my two year old.

  • Phew--so glad I'm not the only one!

  • I'm sure you aren't and I don't want to scare or insinuate anything at all but I did BFL in 2001 and I was hitting my 9's and 10's everytime I did my cardio and then one day I felt super tired and for months I couldn't make it through a cardio workout without feeling exhausted. I did get the night sweats and a cough. 3 months into that I found out I had Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer). I also have hypothyroid.

    I would just explore the CBC as a precaution and hopefully everything is fine and you are just burnt out. I learned the hard way though by not finding out and by the time I was diagnosed, I was late stage III. Took a year of chemo and radiation to get my health back. I just would hate to see anyone go through that.

    AGAIN, don't let this upset you or scare you I am SURE you are fine...just get checked to rule anything out.

    Good luck!

  • Jaimee-thank you for sharing, that must have been really challenging!  

    And I made my appt with my doctor this morning for a full physical with blood work (CBC and thyroid levels).  Although it is comforting to know that this has happened to other people, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

  • I get tired too-I feel like tisha28, I feel like I can't recover fast enough. What I have done is cut back just a tad on my HIITs and then gradually make them more intense. Doing them 3 times a week is taxing. Most bodybuilders/fitness champs only do 2 because it is brutal on the body. Eat clean--make sure you are getting your daily dose of healthy fats, water. High quality protein and carbs should already be a given. Good luck.

  • If you are on thyroid supplements and use protein powder, make sure it is whey protein and not soy. Too much soy interferes with the medication.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • It was already mentioned...but definitely take a look at the food intake.  Food is your main fuel source and if you ain't got enough fuel in the tank...well we know what happens ;-).

    Ultimately hope everything checks out with doctor ok, and it is somthing simple like food.  We can help you fix that pretty easy.  Good luck and keep at it!

  • Saralynn-yes, I use whey powder.  But thanks for the reminder about soy.

    I think my food intake is fine---getting enough and eating the right stuff.  Ironically, I went to bed early (again) and finally am starting to feel like I am coming out of this fog.  Still have my Dr's appt though and will keep it.  

    Appreciate all the great info!

  • Hi! I have had the same problem. I really started getting fatigued at the very end of week 5. I finally called EAS when it didn't seem to be improving much and they told me to increase my protein and carb servings by 1/2 portion each with my meals. My energy level is much better today. I still recommend the checkup. Never forget that you can always call for advice. Good luck!

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