October 11 starting challenge!!!

  • Upper body was good monday, I was happy to see that the strength I gained from the first challenge hadn't left completely.

    Cardio on Tuesday was ok.  I'm about where I was after a month into my first cycle.

    And i'm heading to the gym now to do lower body.


  • I have trouble with candy and sugar.  On the first challenge I overdid it every free day until the end.  The last month I didn't want to eat much because I was noticing how it affects the way I feel.

    Now its off to the Lower Body workout...

  • I'm In Germany and I started the challenge on the 10th of Oct. This is my first go round and Im looking forward to the transformation.  Good luck to everyone and stay MOTIVATED.  One work out at a time.

  • How is day 4 going for everyone?  My LB is killing me!

  • Just did my aerobic on the elliptical.  I picked up some more dumbbells at the store and have a fairly complete set.  No more changing plates during workouts.

    I'm sore, but it's more from all the lifting at work.

    I came up with my best protein shake yet.  I'm using chocolate whey, almond milk, a small spoon of ice cream and butterscotch instant pudding.

  • Hey everyone! I started my third challenge on Oct 11! Looking forward to finishing this one with all of you!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • How is everyone doing?  Just finished my workout and am drinking my protein shake as I type this.

  • Doing OK on Day 11.  I am not getting the 6th meal in...it's just too late and I go to bed early.  Think this is OK?  Not sure I am getting enough water either.

    Upper Body is KILLING me.

    Good luck everyone!