October 11 starting challenge!!!

  • Starting a challenge October 11th, anyone else?  This will be my second challenge.  I finished my first on October 3rd and found having a common thread helped a lot.

  • Hey,  I am too a Coloradoian!  I will be beginning my second Challenge on the 25th of October, I will be finishing challenge #1 on the 17th rest and start again...I will be only a couple weeks behind!  Good Luck!  

  • That's awesome.  Good luck with finishing challenge one. It's nice to know someone in Colorado's going to be on challenge two around the same time.

  • Have just downloaded the audio book & have been listening to it. So far - I am loving what I am learning. Am already on a weight loss journey, but would love to start this challenge as well. :)

  • Welcome.  It's a Great program, and It's made a big difference in all areas of my life.  Day one tomorrow...  I just made some food to pack for work and can't wait for the first workout tomorrow night.

  • I am right with you, finished my 1st one on 3 Oct and just started back in the gym today 11 Oct.

  • My wife and I just started on the 10th and are raring to go!!! We joined the Q4 team thread…great group of people…located in the ‘getting started’ thread. Glad to have others on board as we go on the journey!!!

    God bless!


  • best of luck on your challenge brian I restarted on the 10thoct

  • I am also starting today Oct 11th, first time doing BFL.  I am very excited, I'm glad theres others starting at the same time.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • HEY IM IN !   Started cycle 2 today (Oct 11)  had a great work out, and so far im nailing the diet.


  • Hi Brian, I started today... I did my first body for life challenge in June of 2008, and from there I did it two more times. The program changed my body and my life. I continued to workout up until now and decided I would like to try again for another round. My nutrition needs a boost. Hope to here how day on went for you.

  • dixie03902 - Welcome back.  Day one was great.  My favorite workout is upper body and it feels great to start up again.  The last week I had off was nice, but I feel so much better during the challenge.  One thing I need to work on this time is diet.  I didn't follow it exactly last time.  

    jrbobbygregg - That's awesome, can't wait to see how we both do the second time.  You're after pictures look great.

    Thayerphotos - That's great you're on round two as well.

    6packmission - Like the screen name, hopefully we can both get a six pack.

    cody6868 - glad we can help each other out.  There was a thread going like this my first time which helped me a lot.

    Rob and Jen - My wife and I are expecting our first early next year, and that's been a big motivator for me as well.

    Nice to meet you all.  And be sure to post up progress...

  • Your profile is really touching. God has always tied a knot in the end of the rope for me. It's the last thing I hit before I slip off the end.

    Good luck on your 2nd challenge!

  • I started on the 11th as well.  This is my 3rd attempt -- I never finished the other 2 due to excuses.  I REALLY want to finish this time.   Having a hard time with the candy, tho.  I am "perfect"  during the day and then ruin it with candy when I get home.  UGH!  GOod luck to everyone!