BFL Logo gear

  • Wouldn't it be cool to have a BFL Tshirt, tank top, bumper sticker?

    Do these exist? I'd love to have them.


  • Kat, you might call Abbott; I have seen the Body for Life t-shirt before in pics. Would be a great startup conversation tool...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • There was a body for life t shirt that says "I'm not done yet" that was passed out at the Knoxville Tennessee event last year. It was pretty cool. There have been body for life t shirts over the years that were passed out to those who finished. One said "Winners finish and finishers win" on the back and I can't remember what the others said. But, in recent years logo merchandise has pretty much faded away.  I have a sweat outfit I got at EAS back in Golden Colorado in 2004 that I wish they would bring back. It's pretty cool stuff but so far as I know it doesn't exist anymore. Back in the day, 2002 I think, those of us who did challenges and were in the top 1000 competitors got a really nice workout bag that said Body for Life and a water bottle, a book and some other things came in it as well.  The key to understanding why none of this stuff exists anymore is to realize that the purchase of EAS branding by Abbott ended the way things were done in the old company that was known as Experimental Applied Sciences. Most things are good and some are even better than they were under the old company, but the marketing that Abbott does is much more focused on using professional athletes and mass marketing ads to sell the products.  The body for life contest and brand is not a priority with Abbott like it was with the old EAS. I am just grateful that Abbott has kept it going as long as they have and continues to support our efforts.