First day of my BFL work out

  • Hello everyone...  My name is Anthony, I stated the BFL work out today and it felt really good... I literally had to push my self to finish that last sets of all my UBWO. I'm really excited and will keep update this thread with my stats and pictures

    Starting stats

    235 lb
    19.5% fat
    46lbs of fat

    My goal in 12 weeks is to be 215-220lbs with less then 10% bodyfat. If I loss more then I will be really happy but this is what Im shooting for. Wish me luck

    "He who gains a victory over other men is strong;
    but he whos gains a victory over himself is strong(er)"

  • Anthony,

    Welcome to the forum and to the BFL journey. Congrats on your first BFL work out! Your goals are very attainable. Stick to the plan by the book and in 12 weeks you will be where you want to be. Visit the forum regularly. There are a lot of great people here.

    All the best with your challenge