• I need some advice on my eating plan, as im a little unsure if i am intaking too much or too little!

    Supplements - 5.30am

    Multi Vit x 1, Omega 3 Caps x 2, Kalp Caps x 2

    Workout - 6.00am

    Breakfast - 8.00am

    Weetabix with Raisins and Skimmed milk or Porridge with Raisins made with Water (additional Banana on Weight days, Mon, Wed, Fri)

    Snack - 10.00am

    Protein Shake mixed with Milled Ground Fiber, made with water (1scoop) 

    Lunch - 12.00pm

    Protein Shake mixed with Milled Ground Fiber made with water (1 scoop)

    Snack - 14.00pm

    Protein Shake mixed with Milled Ground Fiber, made with water (1 scoop)

    Snack - 17.00pm

    Protein Shake mixed with Milled Ground Fiber, made with water (1 scoop)

    Dinner - 19.00pm

    One Chicken *** with sliced tomoto and Broccoli or Green Bean (additonal potato added on Weight days, Mon, Wed, Fri)

  • Just a quick review, it looks like you aren't eating enough real food.  You should aim for 1 or 2 protein shakes per day.  All meals should include a protein and a carb, 2 meals should also include veggies.  You don't really need to take supplements before you workout.  You want to do your workouts in a fasted state first thing in the morning.  Cut the banana.  Perhaps this quick list will help you.


    Newbies: By – Catrina-BFLDanGRus-Cat!!!!! for this:


    #1. Most Important: READ THE ORIGINAL BFL BOOK..(and follow it)

    #2. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

    #3. Eat 6 (not 5, not 4, but 6).. well portioned, appropriately spaced out meals (every 2-3 hours).

    #4. A meal: Includes a portion of carbs, a portion of proteins, and a portion of veggies w/at least 2 meals. Use the authorized foods list in the original book for the best results.

    #5. Carbs: a portion is the size of YOUR fist.

    #6. Proteins: a portion is the size and thickness of your palm (hand minus the fingers).

    #7. Veggies: a portion will fit into your cupped hand. Always refer to the "List in the book - some "veggies" are considered "carbs" in the BFL eating plan ie: corn, starches like potatoes, pumpkin, carrots etc

    #8. Water: Drink 10-12 cups (at least 80 oz) of water per day.

    #9. Pics:Take before pics (front view, side view, back view). Women, best if you can wear a 2 piece swim suit. Men, you can wear shorts (no shirt) and make sure the shorts aren’t so long that they cover your thighs

    #10 Measurements: Get your measurements done in the beginning: weight—once every 4 weeks ONLY if you are addicted to the scale…others might do once per week, neck, biceps, forearms, boobs, below boobs, waist, bellybutton, pooch, hips, thighs, calves, body fat percentage.

    #11. Follow up Pics: Take pics again once every four weeks wearing the same suit and doing the same front/side/back shots. Don’t forget to face the same way in your side shot each week

    #12. Follow up Measurements: Redo measurements once a week (ONLY WEIGH once every four weeks if you are a scale addict).

    #13. Set reminders on your Cell phone and work computer to eat (and drink water if you have to)!  

    #14. COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Come to guestbook often (if not daily) to get questions answered and for support.

    #15. Self Honesty Be honest with yourself, cheating is hurting you and no one else.

    #16. Training: Do 3 days of HIIT cardio and 3 days of strength training (alternating between cardio and strength days) as according to the original book

    Some common traps:

    Peanut butter– This is not unauthorized, but it is probably best left for your free day due to high fat

    Bananas– These are high in carbs; you should use 1/2 a banana at a time for a carb portion if mixing in with pure whey protein to make your own shake

    Diet drinks– I hear that diet drinks are not unauthorized, however, try to drink more water instead because some of the diet drinks (soda, pop, whatever you call it) may dehydrate you, also the sweetener makes your body spike like normal sugar and makes you want to eat/drink more.

    ADDING EXTRA HIIT CARDIO: - Not a good idea - the more cardio you do, the fitter you get, the lower your RMR Resting Metablic Rate is - which means you burn less fat at rest - do the cardio as written - three, 20 minute High Intensity Interval Training sessions per week.

    You can do activities that you normally would, have a life, but doing extra workouts is not good. Your body needs time to rest.

    Rest:Speaking of rest, get ample sleep. I believe 8 hours is the recommended amount.

    INCREASE YOUR WATER INTAKE! - BFL asks us to drink at least 80oz…if you are doing that, try taking it up to 128oz—that equals one gallon. ;)

    Take a multi-vitamin. :)

    Don’t forget about your INNER TRANSFORMATION and the LAW OF RECIPROCATION!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Have you read the original book.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  •  Thanks for posting that.  Have been 9ff BFL for about 6 months have gained 20lbs of 60lbs back.  So good to be back on track.

  •  Thanks for posting that.  Have been off BFL for about 6 months have gained 20lbs of 60lbs lost back.  So good to be back on track.

  • Remember this is Body-for-LIFE not body for 12 weeks.  once you reach your goals you should shoot for maintaining.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Oh and the way to figure you are getting the proper amount of water is to divide your scale weight in half.  That number will give you the number in oz. you need to drink. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Layla- definitely add more real foods.  You'll simply burn out if nothing else!

    Sharon- good tip on the oz of water formula.  Also...are carrots really considered a carb?  I don't recall that.

    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

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