Week 11 HELP!!!!

  • PLEASE HELP!!  I am officially in the home stretch and approaching the middle of week 11.  WHEW!!  The great thing is that I began seeing my abs pop out and my belly flatten and love handles were melting away to the point where I couldn't even grab anything on my sides.  What a great feeling!!  My problem though is that over the last two weeks, I have been traveling for work but I've stayed on track religiously however I am noticing that my belly is coming back and my love handles are becoming handles again.  I can still see my upper abs but my mid section is feeling "thicker" again.  I haven't changed my eating from the plan listed below except that due to coast to coast travel, I'm eating more protein bars during long flights and I'm afraid the time differences has set my body out of whack from the regular eating schedule and momentum I had been keeping all these weeks.  Can time differences in eating schedules make such a difference?  Also, someone mentioned to me that while I am consuming the right amounts of food and my eating plan looked good, I could probably shave off some of the protein I've been consuming.  Can this lead to weight gain and or unwanted bloating?  Lastly, I've been taking EAS pro science creatine 2 -3 times a day which equals to 10 - 15 grams per day. Could my body be fighting this as well by bloating up??  Still getting up at 5AM regardless of the time zone to work out on an empty stomach and I've been pushing myself harder on cardio days - harder than all these weeks so I'm not sure what is happening.  Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone is EXTREMELY welcome!!  Please let me know if I need to cut back on anything.

    Here's my eating plan for review:

    5'9 and started off at 198 and have gotten down to 175 since week 8 without any other weight change...still at 175. 

    Here's my standard eating plan:

    Work out at 5AM on empty stomach

    6:00AM Myoplex Deluxe (53 grams of protein) with a scoop of EAS Pro Science creatine 5g.

    9:00AM Turkey (approx 25 grams of protein) on dry wheat - Glass of water

    12:00PM Myoplex Deluxe (53 grams of protein) with another scoop of EAS Pro Science creatine 5g

    3:00PM Dry chicken wrap with wheat tortilla (20 grams of protein), veggies and a scoop of EAS 100% Whey Protein (23 grams) - glass of water

    6:00PM Chicken *** (30 grams of protein), brown rice and salad - glass of water

    9:00PM 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese (14 grams of protein) and a glass of EAS 100% Whey Protein (23 grams) - glass of water

    I drink several more glasses of water throughout the day and extra glasses sometimes before and after meals.

    Total protein is approximately 240 grams of protein per day

  • Are you trying to gain mass or lose weight? I've always heard that you eat equal grams of protein according to your weight so that would be 175 grams instead of the 240g. That's about 30g per meal, imo, I think you might be consuming too much protein, but if you are trying to build mass, then you might be eating the right amt.

    Have you called EAS/Abbott? I'm sure they would be able to help you out.

    Best wishes to you in your last couple of weeks! =)

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  • Thanks, DebbieMO.   I am trying to build more muscle and burn bodyfat.  I haven't called EAS yet - figured I'd try the forums first to see if anything in my meal plan raises any red flags.  I've been doing great - same meal plan - and noticed my waist line shrinking and the body fat melting away as well as noticable muscle mass increase.  In short, GREAT by the book results but just in the last week and a half I noticed things shift.  Wondering if I hit my plateau and need to do something different.  Being that I'm in the last couple weeks, I didn't want to change anything without seeking advice.  Thanks for the help.

  • Bflifer, one of our fitness experts should be able to address your needs. If you haven't already, give us a call at 1-800-986-8926, Monday through Friday from 8:30am through 5pm EST.  

    ~ Tiffany @ EAS

  • You said you have been eating protein bars due to the flights. Did you eat them before you started traveling? All the sugar in the bar can cause storage of abdominal fat.  Protein powder drinks are always a better option.


    14 g of  sugar.


    2 g of sugar.

    Sodium causes water retention, how much potassium are you consuming?

    Also have you though of doing carb depletion?

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  • I always heard that creatine can cause some bloating as well.....

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