BFL Challenge 1 complete 9.5.10!!!

  • cre8tivethinker, Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I just finished week 3 and weighed in 10# lighter.  I was hungry the last couple of days and wondered why but  read some of the post on the Coffee Crew and realized I wasn't eating large enough portions.  I'll eat better this week so I don't get the cravings like last week.   Before I started I ate one meal a day and had little activity.   I am looking forward to the strength and health.  I can already feel the muscles in my arms and legs and I feel taller and more confident.  My disposition is more optimistic and up beat.  

    If what we Believe does not reflect Truth, than what we Feel does not reflect Reality  Neil T. Anderson

  • oops,  I ate a bowl of oatmeal, honey and raisins with skim milk and a meal a day

    If what we Believe does not reflect Truth, than what we Feel does not reflect Reality  Neil T. Anderson

  • congradulations on your success. thanks for sharing your photos. I am beginning week 4 and have lost 11 lbs. so far. your transformation gives me the inspiration to keep going forward

    thanks again

  • MyFreshStart and dhink,

    Thanks, and glad to be inspiring -- but look at what great progress you guys have made in just 3 or 4 weeks! 10 and 11 lbs already. Amazing -- keep up the great work!!!

  • Wow! You look great! I'm so happy for you.

  • I will begin my 1st challenge tomorrow.   I came here for inspiration.  I am 46 and have a similar build to yours.  Congratulations and your pictures look great!  I was wondering if you used the Myoplex Lite in your daily intake?  What was your usual eating day like?  I want to use you as my role model.  I would love to have your results!


  • Hi Diana! Congratulations on the start of your Challenge!! Making the decision to do so is half the battle. And I believe the hardest half. You're coming from a place of dissatisfaction with how you look and/or feel. But the 2nd half of the battle -- the next 12 weeks -- is filled with promise, positive energy, a course of action and the support of a lot of people who either are walking or have walked in your footsteps. You're looking in the right place for inspiration and you absolutely CAN make a huge difference in yourself inside and out, in just 12 short weeks!

    Thanks much for your kind words regarding my results! I'm very pleased overall, and currently starting week 4 of my second Challenge. I started C1 at 148.8 lbs and ended at 137.2 lbs. for an 11.6 lb weight loss. The % of body fat was difficult for me to measure, since my home scale and the gizmo at the YMCA always had conflicting results. By my home scale, I went from a body fat % in the mid 20s, to somewhere around 20%. But the Y always had me up around 24% no matter what I weighed -- so who knows. I checked it at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

    Instead, I was pleased to have inches lost as follows:

    bust: -1", waist: -2", hips: -1.5", thigh: -1", upper arm: -.5"

    I recommend taking starting measurements along with your pics. And then I like them again (pics & measurements) again at 8 weeks, because you'll see more progress than you may feel. And that's empowering!! Many people do not weigh every day and I understand why -- body weight fluctuates a lot. But I actually like to weigh every day. Have always been that way.

    I started out not using any supplements. But I also had a hard time getting all 6 meals in. So somewhere between week 4 and 6, I introduced the Myoplex lite ready-made shakes into my day. I'd have one on the way back from the gym after my morning cardio workout. Other days it might be the after dinner "meal", with the chocolate shake satisfying that craving. I also like the myoplex lite crisp bars (choc-choc chip). I used little protein powder. Sometimes in smoothies, but really not much. The bar that I absolutely LOVE is called the "Oh Yeah!" protein bar (available at GNC). It's a big, bar, so 1/2 was a portion for me. Yummy out of the fridge, but regardless-- I swear it is the next best thing to a Snickers.

    A typical day for me:

    meal 1: egg beaters w/ spot of ketchup +

    1 whole wheat round (Arnold's) with "I can't believe it's not butter" spray, cinnamon, light sprinkle of splenda

    coffee w/ splenda & lo-fat half & half

    meal 2: myoplex shake

    meal 3: lean deli turkey with 1 slice lo-fat swiss on either whole wheat round or Whole wheat wrap (Ole makes an Xtreme Wellness one that is hi-fiber and only 9g of carbs!) with lettuce, tomato. Maybe some red seedless grapes. Water or ice tea w splenda

    meal 4: 1/2 "Oh Yeah" chocolate-caramel protein bar w/ water or cup of tea or coffee

    Meal 5: turkey burger cooked on table-top grill, sweet potato (or whole wheat pasta with olive oil/lemon), broccoli

    meal 6: (maybe 50% of the time, I didn't fit in a 6th meal) small apple + a little Light & Lively cottage cheese

    I really didn't get hungry during the 12 weeks, I have to say. And I felt like I was eating normal food -- many things I would eat otherwise. Only now I was conscious of portion size -- and also not adding in a lot of other non-nutritious food. And if I ever did feel like I wanted a little something else, I usually munched 8 or 10 raw almonds, and that would do the trick!

    Good luck Diana - hope this helped. Can't wait to hear your progress. Good luck on your first week!! Keep us posted :)