Marks Challenge

  • Day 6

    Ok today is freeday so I weighed myself this morning and im down from 300lbs to 294lbs and my tanita bf% has dropped from 45% to 42.6%, im very happy with that considering im only on the program 5 days

    Lost 6lbs of scale weight

    Lost 2.4% fat

  • Great!!!! 6pack, that is a remarkable loss...But hide the scales and use how your clothes fit....I was a Scale Junkie until Bill made me realise that they can fool you and upset you...I can see that you are really getting into this and I know you will make remarkable advances as you get into your 4th  week...In the first I lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and after the 4th week it slowed down a bit....Your question on calories...I said in a past note! that if you go to and look at nutrition...they give you a formula to figure how much you need to sustain your present weight and what it will take to lose 1lb a day......You can do this and I know you can, just plan your meals and your exercise....Watch your Portions and not worry so much about your calories.....John

  • Great results 6pack!! Bye bye 3's!

    Keep up the great work.