6 Weeks done and why I am Loving BFL

  • Last day today of my 6th week on BFL. I can honestly say I have given it 100%+ and that feels great. Zero missed workouts and Zero cheating on non free days.

    Here is why I am loving BFL.

    2 years ago I joined a program called Sure Slim. First off it was $800.00 freakin dollars for this program. They give you a meal plan supposedly based on blood work and tests but in reality is just another very low carb diet. Once a week you went in to see a councilor and weight in. There was no exercise component. That was actually one of their selling points, lose weight without exercise.

    Now, I did lose weight on this program. Close to 30lbs in 4 months. After 4months I just could not take the low carbs, I was weak, tired  and hungry the whole 4 months. After going off the program I gained all the weight plus more back over the next couple years to my BFL starting point of 245.6lbs.

    Fast forward to now.

    After 6 weeks of BFL I am fitting into clothes that fit me after 4 months on the other program. The incredible thing is,  these clothes are fitting me at 228lbs when before they fit at 210-215lbs. So even though scale weight I am still about 15 lbs above my previous low, the same clothes fit.

    I SHUDDER to think of how much muscle loss was associated with the other program. Based on how my clothes are fitting, the only conclusion I can reach is that at least 1/2 of the weight loss on that program was muscle if not more.

    With BFL I have exponentially more energy, even on days like today after a hard week and I feel a little beat up, I still have a ton of energy.  With the 6 meals a day I'm not hungry between meal times. Yes some days it is very hard to look at another Chicken *** or portion of cottage cheese, but it is sooo worth it.

    So, I guess my message is do NOT fret over scale weight. More and more I am realizing it is just a number, and a poor indication of how I am progressing. 


    Keep pushing hard folks and believe in the process. Give it your best effort and it WILL pay off.


    Many thanks to all the supportive people here and my great group of July 26ers!

  • Great work BCBill and thanks for the post!! Congrats on your progress so far! It is wonderful to hear of your succues and continued commitment and dedication. 6 weeks!! You are half way there. You should be proud. That is a great accomplishment. I am looking forward to hearing more as you push hard toward the 12 week mark. Keep going strong!!!


  • Thanks Orrin!

    When this is all done, I think I will have to come pay a visit to your book store! See if you can recognize me from my before pics.

  • BCBill,

    Come on down anytime. After this long weekend I am open 10- 5 Tuesday to Saturday.

    I just re-checked your profile. You are doing great! The changes are happening. You must feel great!

    Keep up the good work.