I dont get it.

  • Darren, increasing your calories sounds weird when you are trying to lose. I can attest that too low of a calorie count seemed to shut me down. I was struggling to lose and also feeling run down and very tired. The best thing you can do is to take a true count of your calories. I thought I was eating well and getting plenty of nutrition, but when I kept a daily log and added up the numbers, I was only getting 1200-1400 calories per day. I am 6' 4" tall and weigh 245. I went onto a couple of different websites and found that my daily caloric intake should be between 2500 and 2700. Since I wanted to lose weight I reduced this number by approximately 500 per day and BOOM i started losing weight again and feel energized and ready for every workout. I was also very low on carbs and high on protein for muscle building which was wrong too. My personal opinion is that my body was in starvation mode from a calorie deficit. I lost 6 pounds this week and have actually had to force myself to eat. This is actually a little more than I want to lose on a weekly basis, so I will adjust the numbers next week and try to hone things in to suit my goals. I try to keep the 40/40/20 split also.

    The people on here are experienced and really can help you through the learning curve. It has helped me tremendously to read daily what they have to say. You will have to adjust things as you see fit. I do not think it is an exact science and the same thing works for everyone. It may take a week or two to really figure out what will work for you. Good luck man, keep the faith and roll on. Changes will come.

  • Okay the following might be long and a bit in depth but it will hopefully shed some light on the problem.

    The guidelines to losing weight tend to be agreed on are a 500 but no more than 1000 calorie deficit a day in relation to your total daily energy expenditure. A simple way to determine this quite accurately, unless one is extremely overweight or extremely muscular, is to use the Harris-Benedict formula.

    For men: BMR=66+(13.7 x weight in kg)+(5 x ht in cm)-(6.8 x age in years)

    For women: BMR- 655+(9.6 x wt in kg)+(1.8 x ht in cm)-(4.7 x age in years)

    1 inch=2.54 centimeters

    1`kilogram= 2.2 lbs

    This will give you your BMR to cacluate your TDEE multiply it by one of the following:

    Sedentary (1.2)                little or no exercise, desk job

    Lightly Active (1.375)      light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk

    Mod. Active (1.55)           moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk

    Very Active (1.725)         hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk

    Extr Active (1.9)               hard daily exercise/sporst & physical job or 2 x day training, marathon,

                                              football, etc.

    Start with a calorie deficit of 15-20% below maintenance, if this does not produce results in two weeks increase it to 25-30%. You are better off though to keep your calorie deficit from food small and increase your activity level to create the calorie deficit.

    Too extreme of a deficit as I am assuming is the problem in your case causes your body to believe it is suffering from famine and (thanks to evolution) cause your body to slow its rate of calorie burning and increase its storage of fat.

    There have been studies that have shown the most effective means of losing fat is to go 3 days low calorie (12-20% below TDEE) followed by 1 day of high calorie (maintenance level). This spikes your metabolism on the fourth day keeping it from dipping.

  • Though I would agree with the science of the above post I think people all too often make their life difficult. The beauty of BFL is its simplicity and effectivness. Truly, we would all do well, especially in the begining of our journey, to read and follow the BFL book word for word. Forget calories and grams and ratios and all that. That can come later if one so desires. If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape follow the book: Eat 6 meals a day spaced 2.5 - 3 hours apart. Put the authourized food list on your fridge or in your journal and choose a food from the carb list and from the protein list and you have a meal. Add veggies to at least two of the meals and drink lots of water. Simple. Maintain a positive and powerful mindset and push hard on the tredmill or elliptical and lift heavy in the gym. Do this stringently for all 12 weeks and you will see amazing results.


  • Thanks all. Well the reason I started body for life besides the obvious needed change was because it was probably the most simple and uncomplicated. All those charts and calculation and counting calories its just to much to think upon. I have 80 other things I need to think about I did not want to add complicated calculations to my already full plate. I see where I am possibly lacking on nutrition and plan to adjust my meals and test from there. I will add a portion of Real oatmeal to my breakfast. A carbohydrate to meal two meal three I believe was fine. A carb to meal 4 meal 5 I may add something and add the missing meal six to my routine. We will see where this takes me in a few weeks and re adjust again if needed. I do thank everyone for the help.


    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.