I did it! Day 84...with pics =)


  • Thank you for posting all your pics!  How totally motivating!!!!!  I am a scale addict.....I admit it!  Even when I think it's not affecting me.....it probaly is!  Gained a lot this weekend from free day and it ticked me off!!!  I know the deal BUT it helps to read your post.  You look so incredible!  What a great feeling.  I hope you win!!!!  Enjoy your new hot bod girl!!!!  I'll be joining you soon.....I have more to lose so I will be where you started when I start the 2nd challenge.....at least that's the goal!!!!  I will check out your pics when I get discouraged!  Awesome job!  Thank you again for your hard work and inspiration!

  • I like the lighting in the after pics. Did you use directional lighting or was it just a bright sun shiny day? It almost look like you were in a studio in front of a green screen. Awsome results!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • superman~ Thank you so much!  =)  I feel like a winner regardless of what happens with the "official" challenge and will be active online in spreading the BFL word!

    Kitty~ Glad I could help inspire you!

    Susie~ Get rid of the scale!  Start doing weekly measurements morning of your free day before eating.  Keep on going, you'll get there!  Don't let anything stop you.  You have the journey in your hands, and destination on the horizon.  Keep at it!!!

    Bryan~ I am quite amazed at how I seem to "glow" too...we were in the woods, on an overcast day.  No lighting.  Just the flash on my camera!  I have a professional grade camera.  Canon Rebel 15.1mp T1i.  DH has only used it a handful of times too.  Had it on the portrait mode.  So pleased with how they came out!!!  If you're interested, QVC has a great price on it...I bought it a couple yrs ago when it came out and was on 5 easy pmts.  The professional photographer who did my session before DH actually has the same camera, but with all the extra fancy lens' & flash add-ons.  I just use the stock.  Great investment!  Thanks!

  • Today IS my DAY 1. 83 Days to go!!!  Thanks for the encouragement! Melissa

  • Congratulations!  You look fabulous...such an inspiration!  

  • I am so impressed! And even more motivated. I was 193lb after having my daughter 7 months ago and could not get rid of the extra! I've struggled my whole life with weight-mostly due to a family who loves to eat-good times, bad times, we just love food. My problem is portion control. I tried BFL 3 years ago before my wedding and was not super disciplined but still lost about 10lb. Now, with baby in tow, a full-time job, graduate school and life in general...I need to transform myself! I'm on week 2 and real scale movement yet, but you're right about the measurements. I think it definitely shows in the inches and not the numbers. I love your story and it makes me feel like I can do this too. Best of luck in the competition! Thanks for posting your results, you look great!

  • I'm on week 7 and was feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere...but sticking with the program.  You have amazing results and I hope that I look half as good as you when I'm done my 12 weeks!  Congrats on the fantastic work!  As for being a fitness model, I think you'll have no problem!  You look amazing!!!!!!!

  • wow  looking great!!!    way to go!!!!!

  • akmama08 ,

    I have an older version of your camera (Digital Rebel XT). Once again congrats on your success.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • I say you deffffintly have a chance for a prize! I also had to do a double take with a slight jaw drop (-:


  • Fab transformation, congrats

    I have to ask did you do  your workouts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait 1 hour  after the workout is complete to eat  like the book recommends ?

  • Melissa~ Congrats on your start to a wonderful journey!  Thank you!

    lcd~ Thanks so much!

    lw421~ I can relate to you in so many ways!  We used to eat a lot...family full of emotional eaters (growing up).  At 5pm weekdays my folks would go get a dozen donuts for cheap because that's when they went on sale...that was dessert.  I can outeat my DH who is 6'1" 210lbs!  Everyone is always amazed at how I can "put it away".  Sounds like your head is in the right place.  You CAN do it too!!  Thanks for the compliments...I hope to inspire many more women who have struggled for years as I have.

    gadgets~ Thank you!  Keep going!  I have progress pics and look nothing close to this even at week 10...it's amazing what those last DAYS do!  I would wake up looking different every morning.  Stick to it!  Why stop now?  You wont get there by quiting and trying "something else".  Just persevere, you'll be glad you did!  

    Jillian~ Thanks lady!

    Bryan~ Cool!  It's a great camera...

    ridshack~ lol, thanks...I'm not banking on it, but do think I have a shot!!  It's okay either way.  I'm so happy nothing can change that!  =)

    6packmission~ I did cardio only in the mornings, weights at night.  Just because of how my work schedules are this is how it worked out.  As far as eating, on my cardio days I would be up at 8am, then have to wait until my son woke up..usually around 8:30-9am...then let him wake up a bit, feed him breakfast, get him ready to go tot he gym, and start my workout anywhere from 10-10:30am.  So by the time I was done, I was going to eat asap...was going to wait until noon to eat my first meal because that would make it really hard to get in all six meals the rest of the day!!  So I ate right after cardio and right after weight training in the eves.  You just have to make it work for you and your lifestyle and not obsess about the "small things".  As long as you're doing it, that's all that really matters in my book!

  • You look so fabulous! Thanks for posting before and after pictures - your transformation is inspiring! I'm just starting and it's good to know that it might take time to see noticeable results. I tend to get discouraged when the scale doesn't budge, but if I get disheartened i'll just come back here and look at what you've accomplished!  Best of luck with winning, too!

  • Yay! I'm so proud of you! You look amazing -- can't believe you have a 2 year old!! Congratulations! I'm inspired :)