I did it! Day 84...with pics =)

  • phenominal transformation!  Congrats on all your success!!!

  • WOW!! Fantastic, congratulations!! Please, please, please let us know about your free days...also what weights did you use? Heavy?

    You look so great:)

  • I just don't think the word incredible sums it up. Your transformation is such an inspiration to me! You look just stunning. Congrats.

    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.
  • This is just fabulous.  You look like a new woman, and a Hollywood starlet at that!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Thank you so much everyone!  I am immensely humbled and flattered to boot!  

    I wanted to write this at the top first so people wouldn't miss it.  If weighing on the scale gets you down, get rid of it for a few weeks!  I gave mine to a gf and weighed in on week 0, 3 & 6...then she moved out of state so I adopted it back to my bathroom.  I know I wouldn't have kept going if I saw the slow progress. After week 6, it no longer ruled my emotions.  Even when I would gain 3-6lbs after my free day and it would take me until Friday/Saturday to lose it.  That's my biggest advice!

    I will try to address everyone (with these darned press on nails that are driving me mad!) best I can.  If I miss anything, ask again!  

    Orrin--THANK YOU!!

    BDMom--I did follow the plan *pretty much* 100%.  I added PB2 in almost daily (it's ground peanuts compressed almost all the fat/oils out to make powder) because I am a peanut butter freak.  Can't live without it.  Just mix with water and close enough.  About a month in, I added 10mins of walking to my hiit (which was on the treadmill) at an incline @ 3.7-3.8mph.  Beyond that, the ONLY did "extra" cardio my last week.  I did 20-30minutes of steady state in the morning (mon-fri) on a gazelle I got off craigslist...no resistance machine.  Like walking on air.  Didn't even break a sweat, so wouldn't contribute this to my success.  I never worked out on rest/free day--except my mouth--lol!  An example of my free day would be (sorry if I cause cravings!):

    -Tall soy chai latte

    -mcdonalds sausage biscuit

    -mcd's large sweet tea

    -Mcd's caramel frappe

    -3 hersheys chocolate bars

    -huge bowl of berries (rare for free day, were going bad...lol)

    -a few sliced red potatoes sliced and baked, dipped in at least 1/2c ketchup (could drink the stuff!)

    -PB M&Ms

    -spoon PB

    -1/2 of a medium dominos pizza--yes, half of the whole dang thing

    -cinnistix w/ frosting

    -mini ben & jerrys ice cream

    Yea...I would go all out.  But feeling gross the next day, it kept my cravings at bay for the entire week.  I take a multi-vit, vit D (lack of sun here---that's why we had to get out today to enjoy it!), omega 3s.  I look wal-mart CLA, but not religiously.  Didn't even empty a 60capsule bottle.  So can't attest it did anything for me.  

    Navy~What matters is you completed it!!!  Great job!!! HIGH FIVE my other June 7ther!

    LDPower~ I would say I started really noticing changes at week 8.  Just keep at it, it will come!  I feel like it happened overnight it went so fast at the end!  Read the PDF doc on here about the women seeing results at the end (if you're a woman...if not, still read it!).  Read^ on supplements.  

    My stats were:


    start weight: 142.6....today: 124.4! Way more than I expected...I was aiming for 127.

    arm:11 3/8 to 10.5

    waist: 28.25 to 24.75

    belly: 35.5 to 30.5

    hips: 38.5 to 34.5

    thigh: 23 7/8 to 21

    calf: 14 1/8 to 13.5

    pant size: 8 to 2

    Highpoint~ Thanks!  I already feel like a winner. =)  One thing I will say, the money was never a driving factor for me.  Just a nice perk!  

    Craig~ aw, thx! lol

    Healthnut~ WOW, thanks!!!  Thank you, thank you.  Yes, he's super proud.  He says he doesn't even recognize me anymore!  I was actually about 10lbs heavier than my "befores" when we started dating.  Needless to say, we're both taking the day off tomorrow. =)  What's great is he is now inspired (was a skeptic) and is starting the gym Tuesday!

    9377gretchen~ Thank you!  I hope what I've written above has helped!

    crazyav8~You CAN do it!  I've been on a diet for almost a decade...if I can do it, you can too!  Just plan, plan, plan.  I have a journal that I wrote everything in.  Workouts, measurements, meals.  Prep big batches on Sunday for the week.  Buy in bulk.  Love Costco!  Did you read the book?  I hope so!  If not, buy it asap...will be confusing if you haven't.  

    Fit4life~ Thank you!  I have aspired to be a fitness model since I picked up Oxygen Magazine in 2002.  I've just stared in awe with admiration at their beautiful, fit physiques wishing one day to look like them.  I'm actually a bit in denial that my pics are actually ME!!!  Still sinking in...

    iamsteve~ Thanks! =)

    snowdog~ I wrote about about my typical free day...like I posted earlier, I took all of them gorging myself silly up until the last two.  I just ate typical BFL meals.  Weights?  Go heavy or go home!  lol...yes, I followed the pyramid training as in the book.  My strength pretty much doubled on everything by the end.  You must go heavy enough to hit your 9s & 10s!  Heavy lifting will not bulk a woman up...I'm proof!  Don't be afraid...go get it!

    Bear~ Thanks!  Glad I could help inspire. =)  I had a friend inspire me, so I wanted to pay it forward!

    Jacium~ Awww...*blushes*!  THANKS!

    If anyone wants to personally email me, feel free!  travelwithmica @ yahoo

    Another tip: Stay active on the boards!  I wasn't very active here, but I was on another with a couple gals.  We had our own thread and wrote each other daily.  Accountability!  Really kept us going.  Made great friends from it (one of them being llpirita from here).  Have a great evening!!!!

  • I was waiting for your photo's. Way to go. Good for you.


  • Congrats Craig. Can see a HUGE difference.

    Wish you much success on your next challenge.


  • Wow  you look amazing. I have a question. Which if any EAS or Abbott products did you use? Your before is similar to mine and I am starting today. I was planning on using Myoplex lite, cla and betagen, Thanks for any help. What inspiring pictures. Way to go!!!!

  • OMG ! I am in awe.

    Well done !


  • Watch out Oxygen....here you come.  You look just as Awesome as any of those models!  I am curious as well about which EAS products you used.  I know you had to use at least one so you can enter the contest that you will more than likely win for sure!!!  I think you are going to be sorry you gave out your e-mail; we will bugging you everyday!  Ha.  Thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions; you are so kind, and such an inspiration.  I am hoping for such great results, but am much older than you are, so I will just give it 100%, and see what my body decides to do with it.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I started my challenge today!!!  Seeing your photos has been a true inspiration!!!  Way to go girl!!!  

  • Jules~ Thank you so much!!!

    Dani~ Thanks!  The only EAS products I used where myoplex lite RTDs & the advantedge carb control RTD (ready to drinks)...I liked to dump one in my magic bullet with tons of frozen berries post weight lifting.  Yum!  The bars I ate were the DELUXE peanut caramel...close your eyes and imagine it's a snickers...lol.  They're pretty good actually.  

    Thayer~ That's very sweet of you! Thanks!

    BDMom~See my response to Dani.  Aw, I WISH I were in Oxygen!!!  Wow!  Thanks ;) You're probably right, but it's okay!  I'm going to start a website soon with helpful tips I've learned along the way.  Just keep going!  You can do it!!!!

    Tyshawna~ Congrats on your start!  It's a great ride!  Thank you!

  • Here is an example of my diet:

    And here are a few days worth of what I've been eating:

    Meal 1: EAS light myoplex shake blended w/ 1c. mixed frozen berries

    Meal 2: Chicken *** on WW (whole wheat) flat bread w/ pesto

    Meal 3: cottage cheese & WW flat bread w/ 1T. light cream cheese & SF jam

    Meal 4: scrambled eggs (4 whites, 1 yolk) w/ broccoli & an apple

    Meal 5: HB (hard boiled) eggs (3-4 whites, 1 yolk) & strawberries

    Meal 6: cottage cheese & yogurt


    Meal 1: 3 HB egg whites, 1 whole HB egg, 1 WW sandwich flat bread, 1 tbsp light crm cheese (once out of crm cheese, not buying more), SF jam

    Meal 2: LC tuna wrap

    Meal 3: cottage cheese & yogurt

    Meal 4: myoplex bar

    Meal 5: EAS RTD shake blended w/ 1c. mixed frozen berries

    Meal 6: Homemade Lean beef stuffed peppers, corn on the cob


    M1: 3 HB egg whites, 1 HB egg, fresh berries

    M2: baked tilapia, apple

    M3: oat spinach burger on ww flat w/ tomato

    M4: chicken rice satay

    M5: protein muffins (2)

    M6: cottage cheese & berries


    M1: cottage cheese, berries

    M2: spinach oat burger on ww flat w/ tomato

    M3: tilapia & apple

    M4: chicken rice veggie satay

    M5: 2 protein muffins (1/2 of a batch)

    M6: RTD shake & frozen berries (post-WO)

  • If anyone is REALLY bored and wants an even bigger insider, go to lowcarbfriends dot com, get on the forums, muscle matters section, and the thread called Body for life 2010 v2.0.  I wrote there almost daily...tracked my foods, workouts, thoughts...etc....the small group of us kept each other going!!  It's 24 pages long, but it's all out there!

  • Just reviewed you pics and I have to tell you you are absolutely beautiful....You have made an awesome change in your body and well deserving of a standing ovation....(standing and clapping)....I know everyone will agree that you are definitely a "Winner."  WOW you are an inspiration to us all here at Body-for-Life....Great job......OX John