whats next

  • I will be finished with my first BFL and i am really happy with the results...but what do i do next,what type of routine should i change to?

  • First, Congratulations!! First order of action is to reward yourself for your achievement.  Maybe a new workout outfit, or a bike to ride?  Whatever suits you.  Next, assess your progress against your goals, submit your application if you're so inclined, and definitely reward yourself for your achievement.

    BFL book recommends you take a week off.  I found I couldn't, or I would miss the relaxed state post-excercise.  I put on my swimsuit, stood in front of the mirror again, and asked myself if I liked what I saw.   I liked most of it, but decided to continue.  Set new goals, tweak the routine.  I bought a book on dumbbell training and learned new lifts, all sorts of variants on the lifts I already knew.  So, I modified my UBWO and LBWO routines, still making sure I did 60 reps for each muscle group in the 12/10/8/6/12-12 format.  

    I passed Day 500 about a week ago.  Good news - you don't have to eat exactly perfect every day.  But frankly, the healthier foods I had to learn to eat initially ended up being my new cravings!

    One of the quotes in the book runs along the lines of "It's Body-for-Life", not 84 days".  How true!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Congrats on completing your challenge. What's next?....great question. I will share what has worked for me. You have been very focused on pursuing your fitness goal and that is how you have been able to accomplish your transformation. When I completed my challenge I took a few days to reflect on what I had accomplished and then set some new goals to keep me motivated. Without some sort of motivation it is easy to let things slide and fall back into old habits. Motivation can come from an upcoming vacation to Mexico.....a milestone birthday....knowing summer is on its way etc. My current motivation/goal is to put on some more muscle mass. What this does is it gives me a purpose when I walk into the gym as opposed to  going through the motions. I try and set short term goals and long term goals. Setting goals gives you a purpose and that is the key to longterm fitness. Check out my pics on my 51st birthday which was a few months after I completed my challenge. Go to my profile. Hope this helps.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"