Rough week 12!

  • Having a bit of a rough week 12.  Managed to have a free day (planned) on Monday b/c of a weigh-in I had Monday morning.  Then I'm baking cupcakes and having my kids birthday party Tuesday and today.  I did good for the morning/afternoon, the evening kinda got me.  I know it's b/c I let myself go too long without eating on Tuesday especially.  On the flip side I got my workouts in (did Sunday b/c I knew I'd miss today).

    Tomorrow we leave for a long weekend away, some on our own and some with friends.  Thinking of taking my after pics 2 days after we come back, well maybe I'll take them Friday am and if I don't like them I'll take them on Tuesday morning.  Makes me glad for the 3 day window on either side for taking pictures. 

    Will get my final workouts in though!   Then on to active rest, and then I think I'm doing a 4 week bikini body program (eating is basically BFL) so that should be interesting. 

    I guess the key is this is FOR LIFE!  The 12 weeks are just the beginning of the journey!  So it's onward and upwards from now on.  I guess it's the mindset that just b/c the next few days (and the last few to be honest) have been less that ideal, it doesn't mean that I need to fall completely off the wagon b/c of it.   

    Down 19 lbs and a whole lot of inches in the last 3 months!  That is something to cheer about!!  Have a great day everyone!  I don't think I'll be posting until I finish my challenge!  Happy Easter!

  • Deb,

    Sounds like you have a good attitude.  We all have to prioritize and it sounds like you have a plan to get you through.  I would take two sets of pictures, but make sure after that first set you don't just let go.  Finish strong!  It may not have been perfect, but you perservered and saw it through to the end.  Congrats!

  • Deb, you r so close to the end so you better hit it hard this last few days. You r doing a great job!!!!

  • Yay! Deb!  Workout hard core!!!! You should be so proud of yourself for finishing what you started!  I'm proud of you!!!!