8 weeks finished

  •      Well I just finished week 8. I think I can see some difference but its not much really. lost another 2 pounds so thats something.

     The Bad news: Passed out at work last week, came to by myself and went over to the Paramedics right after and they did the EKG and blood pressure, course all was well but they recommended I go to the hospital to be safe. Went for a check up at the hospital and all was well, chose not to stay the night and went back to my exercise routine the next day with no problems. WOndered if I wasnt eating enough maybe?

     The Good News: Talked to the doctor, I am on blood pressure meds, but since I have drastically changed my eating habits and work out routines he thinks that the 10mg I take might be to much, so now I take 5mg. So far this week the ol blood pressure is still awesome, after a month or more I might be able to stop taking in all together. WIll know in a couple of weeks if my cholesteral is down to a good level, if so thats another med I can drop. Of course I realize if I am able to drop the meds I cant go back to eating everything I used to and I am good with that.

         Posted my pics, please dont laugh to hard at the "flex", I still have a long way to go to get rid of that fat belly but I will keep working at it. Any comments or critisms of the constructive sort are always welcome.


  • Congrats on being able to cut back the meds! That's a great sign you are doing the right thing.

  • Yes, you can see some changes.  Keep going; the best is yet to come.  Glad you are being weaned off your meds.  Sorry you passed out but at least it was in a safe area, where it wasn't too hot.  Hang in there.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • The changes are happening. Nice work. My biggest changes came in the last four weeks.

    I was on blood pressure meds before as well but not now. It is nice not to need that anymore.

    Congrats on your progessing transformation. Keep going and finish strong!!


  • Congratulations!  You are looking great!  Stick to it and finish strong!!  Happy to hear that you'll be getting off your meds.  It's interesting that when people begin to eat right and exercise, we become less dependent on the drug industry..not only are we all becoming stronger and healthier, but we keep the money spent on drugs in our pockets by getting rid of meds that "normalized" us.  Funny that the best way to do that is to "normalize" ourselves!!