Body fat results after 4 weeks

  • After 4 weeks of doing BFL my bodyfat went down from 23.6 to 22.4% (-1.2%) meaning I lost 600g (approx. 1 pound) of fat! :-) I still have the same weight which equals in my muscle mass going up from 40.4kg to 41.1 kg. Awesome. I am so happy. This is new motivation for the next weeks. Picture will follow on my profile tomorrow.

    So funny the staff at the gym told: "You should not go down much further. This is already very good." What? My goal is to reach 12% of body fat. What is this woman talking about. I know this is the limit for a woman because we need to have more fat than men. But why not reach for the stars?

  • Congratulations!  I don't necessarily agree with the gym.  Yes, that # is good for a woman. BUT, it can be better.  I do think that your goal is very low for a woman.  Elite athletes are in the 15-18% range.  My goal is 17%.  Once you go too low, you start missing periods, and your body gets messed up.  Really research that.  I think it is very difficult to get that low for a woman, and I don't want you to get discouraged.  12% is a good range for most men.

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  • Thanks for you comment and I agree. I think it can definitely be better and I think the woman I talked to was herself lower than that :) I like to set my goals high. If my goal is already low how can I reach for the stars? I will also be happy with 15% ;-)

  • Awesome!  Keep it up girl!


  • Thanks :-)

  • That's terrific news, Manuela - keep it up and just go for it.  The staff at my gym used to post a chart on the wall  breaking down the body fat % into categories, grouped by age and gender - see if your gym has something similar.  This is a good lesson - you may run into misinformation from time to time, which is why I keep researching and trying to learn more about this subject.

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  • Well I know that I want to look lean and tone. And for that I need to go down with my bodyfat. I will just keep going. I have seen the results of the champions and I know that I need to reach between 15 to 12% of Bodyfat to see the results I am going for. I have the feeling that the gym staff is aiming for average results. But that is not good enough for me. I want more. Some of them look at me with a face saying: "She is here again? Didn't she already workout yesterday?". Probably because most people only go there 2 or 3 times a week and quit after a certain period of time. I used to be one of these people but not anymore. With BFL I also train my selfdiscipline. That is what I always wanted to have and it will be a big step for me if I complete the challenge successfully.

    Thanks to all of you for your great support :-) It is really great to be a part of the BFL community.