1st challenge starting Monday 6th September!

  • Hello! I cant wait to begin my first challenge on Monday 6th September after returning from 6 months of travels.  I planning to eat 240 grams of protein and carbs a day in case that coincides with anybody else? If not it would still be great to stay in touch with anybody else starting a challenge on that date.  Thanks alot!



  • Liam,

    Congratulations! You can do this!!! I can't wait to hear about your progress and transformation. Visit the forum regularly. There is incredible support, tons of encouragment and a myriad of ideas, thoughts and advice.

    Best of luck with your challenge!


  • I am starting the Sept 3 challenge tomorrow (Monday).    Good luck.


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • I'm in!  Just finished my first twelve weeks...taking this week off to rest and recover.  Let's do it!

  • Photos look awesome Craig!  You look waaaaaaaaaay leaner!  Big difference!  Congrats!  

    I'm starting week 7 everyone but would love to jump in here!  Would love to inspire and be inspired!

    Changes are A coming!!

  • Susie-Thanks for your kind words!  We can never have too much inspiration :)

  • I'm in, Round 2.  Ready to go, finished with CraigintX