Week 7 Travel

  • Hello everyone!

    Sunday will begin week 7 for me!!!  I got over the hump - whew! Halfway there - and I am so excited with the progress I'm making.  Thanks to the forum and the book Chapions Body for Life for motivation. I feel focused, energized and I am seeing my body transform. Today I'm enjoying my free day, snacking throughout the day on small portions of everything that was on my free day list but still making sure I don't over do it.

    Also, thank you all for the feedback regarding ideas for cardio with a hurt ankle.  Jumprope and jogging in place worked out well to get to my 10's and I'm getting my eliptical repaired Monday..Yay!!

    Sunday I will start my week with lower body and I know my legs will be super sore. I will be traveling next week from Los Angeles to Atlanta which is about a 4 hour flight.  I travel a lot for work and last time I did legs before a flight I was extremely uncomfortable the entire trip. I'm thinking of taking some Tylonol before my flight which should help but does anyone have any other tips?  I read that rolling a rolling pin over muscles can help relieve some of the pain...any other thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Can you work out when you hit Atlanta rather than prior to the flight?

  • My flight is not until Tuesday so if I work out on Sunday (today) or even Monday, I'm going to be hurting and I guess I'd rather deal with it versus postpone my workout or change it up at this point.  Thanks for the suggestion though.  I'll just take some Tylonol and do some stretches.  Monday is my cardio day so hopefully that will loosen things up a bit.  Thanks!

  • I have not other suggestions, but I do have a question.  Do you regularly stretch before or after you workout?  That may help.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hello,

    Ibuprofin may be better, if you can take it. It is an anti-inflamitory and wil help with sore swollen muscles. The rolling pin is great. My son is in football and we use a frozen water bottle, along with the rolling pin.