Week 6 - Challenging Changes

  • Hi everyone,

    This is the first time posting so great to meet you all.  I have been reading through for inspiration and now I need a little guidance. I'm at week 6 and I have lost over 10 pounds of fat.  My body is changing and I feel great but I need some advice.  I am starting to feel like I need to make some adjustments to my routine but getting to where I am now was difficult in itself and I'm afraid that making any major changes to what I've already been doing will de-rail me. 

    Change #1. I want to start working out first thing in the morning but I have not found my inner morning person yet.  I set the alarm, but I don't think I'm getting enough sleep so my brain is telling me to stay in bed.  I study for school up until 11:30PM - 12:00AM so sleep is always an issue with me.  I am starting to bargain with myself and say, oh, I'll just get up early for my cardio days.  Please someone, cyber slap me with some sense. I know consistency is key and I don't want to start fluctuating so does anyone recommend alternating work out times or is that the devil in disguise? 

    Change #2.  My elliptical machine broke - NO!!!  The machine broke last week and the service technician won't be here to fix it until August 16. I am freaking out because I was getting in kick-ass cardio workouts on this thing.  I have trouble running due to flat feet and have a recent bad sprain of my ankle so I can't sprint because the pain keeps coming back so I have to slow down.  I tried running in place for more control and doing jumping jacks but I just don't feel I'm getting to a cardio high point without my elliptical. Can anyone make any suggestions on what other things I can do to get my heartrate up without having to run?  Now I'm wondering if I should eat less to make up for not burning as much during my cardio workouts.  Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!


  • Change #1  doing your workouts when YOU feel your best is what's most important.  You are having good results and there is nothing written in stone saying you must workout in the morning.  Keep pushing hard WHENEVER you workout.

    Change #2  try jumping rope.  If your ankle can take it, jumping rope will really make you work hard.  If not, find a pool and start swimming hard.

    On your eating, less is not more.  Eat differently.  Instead of eating anything WW, switch to strictly brown rice, sweet potatoes, red potatoes and non-tropical fruits.


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  • Brian,

    I agree with Champster on all accounts; like she said you are getting good results and if it ain't broke don't try and fix it on the workout times. Plus sleep is so important in the challenges.

    I just started adding some rope jumping to my routine these last couple of weeks and it IS a workout! If your ankle is a problem you could always do one leg jumps! =)

    Keep working hard and these next several weeks will be AWESOME for you!

    Good luck with the studying as well! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Curious how you do your jump rope routines to be a HIIT workout.  That's always something I could do at home when unable to get to the gym (sick kids, etc....).

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  • You can do jumping rope Tabata style...20 seconds as fast as you can, count your reps on all rounds, rest 10 seconds, then go another 20 seconds. Keep up that pattern for 8-10 rounds. Then do normal jumping for awhile, then you can do another set of Tabata rounds.

    You can also just do the 20 minutes by changing up your jumping style, one foot hops, side to side, twists, front back, etc...

    Google rope jumping and you might get some ideas.  I've been mainly doing it to help with some speed and to also show my kids at school that their "old" PE teacher can jump rope too! =)

    Hope this helps!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks everyone.  I do have a jump rope and I'll do it!  I gotta get in my cardio and make it count. I'm so jazzed about my progress - I really do see the changes happening in my body and I don't want to fall behind. Thanks again for your tips and support!  I needed that!!

  • I looked at your profile pics... you're doing excellent!

  • Thanks so much. I feel great and others are taking notice. I've even started helping my step mother - she approached me. I felt like it was such a compliment and so rewarding to help her get started!! I can get used to this!!  Thanks again everyone. You all are terrific providing such kick ass support!!!!

  • I started out running, but have had some knee problems.  I found riding my mountain bike is perfect.  In fact it's better because I have many gear options to gradually work from a 5 to a 10 and back.  In fact it's gotten my heart rate up perfectly every time.  And on days when it's too late to go out, I work a speedbag in my garage.

  • Brian,

    I am thinking about buying an eliptical machine.  What type do you have (Brand, model, cost)

  • I agree with champster, I used to think that I had to workout first thing in the morning to have great results so much so that I felt like a failure even if I ate clean and got my workout in at some stage in the day, now i keep it simple ,get your 6 good meals in and workout at some stage during the day