New pics posted- 2 months after challenge- 51st Birthday

  • I'm six feet tall. I have maintained a weight of around 185 all summer long. My new goal I have set for myself is to add 10 lbs of muscle in the next 2 years.....5 lbs this coming year and again 5 lbs the year after. With my height I have a slimmer lean look and there is more room on my frame to carry more muscle mass. That's what I'm working towards. Are you in the middle of a challenge?

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Jaypee....Thanks for your encouragement.  There is no secret......just day by day discipline. Anyone can do this. All the best!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Winner54: I just read your have really been through some tough times. You must be very strong to have survived this far. You bring up a very good point about doing this long term as opposed to just 12 weeks. In my mind I think it would do us all well to think "long term lifestyle change" as our priority. Afterall whats the big deal about getting into awesome shape in 12 weeks and then in 6 months being overweight and out of shape again. We want to be able to see ourselves 1,2,5,10 years down the road still in good shape. In that way of thinking we need to view this as sort of a marathon.....we need to pace ourselves. We need to find something that works for us....that works for our lifestyle  and something that we are comfortable with otherwise we will not keep it up. Now.....having said that.....we also need to constantly push ourselves and set new goals for ourselves. We need to stay motivated and setting new goals does this. What has worked well for me is to set mini goals periodically throughout the year. For example.....I completed my latest challenge the first week in June. My new goal at that time was to remain lean and even get my abs tighter over the summer months. When the fall gets here my goal is try to pack on some more muscle mass until Christmas. This will give me a goal and purpose when I walk into the gym as opposed to just going through the motions. Once the new year gets here I already know my wife and I have trip to St.Lucia planned for February so my "mini goal" then will be to get really tight and sharp for beach life. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we all need to constantly challenge ourselves and pursue new goals. This goes for all areas of our life....not just physically.  These are just my thoughts.....hope they help. All the best to you.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

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        I have been through some tough times but just like you said we must challenge ourselves. I'm thinking about changing my profile so as not to sound negative or like I want people to feel sorry for me.Nothing could be further from the truth. I put my story on there to let people know that no matter what adversity they might experience, they can pick themselves up and do better this time.Otherwise what kind of life would it be. My worst fear ( besides losing my child) now is to live a miserable existence.One of my biggest challenges is finding things to excite me as much as having my child did. It's a hard act to follow.So I'm always looking for that next challenge or learning experience, because life is too short.I've had a lot of hard knocks mostly in the last 14 years, and I did find a bottom( even suicidal thoughts after losing our son), but now I'm looking up and forward.I am grateful today for every opportunity handed to me, for my loved ones that are still here,and for every chance I get to see the sunshine again.I'm also grateful to be able to walk and talk, unlike the teen I am caretaker for.No matter what your situation, there's always someone worse off than you are. There are really no excuses for any of us participating in this challenge.Thanks for being an inspiration to others.

  • I'm in my second week.  It's going great and I love it.  You look strong at 185 and 6 feet.  I'm also 51, 6'3' and weigh 189.  I call myself skinny fat.  I don't look anything close to your ripped look.  Very good motivation.  Keep up the great work!!