What happened?

  • Eleven days in and down .. 3 pounds.. Hmm, the not the results I was looking for. I originally took off five pounds in 6 days but after the FREE DAY regained it all back! What am I doing wrong?!?


  • Six days a week you need to follow the eating guidelines I've been telling you about in this section.And on the seventh day?Forget about them.I mean forget them all.Eat what ever you want.If you want blueberry pancakes with syrup for breakfast or a cinnamon roll with coffe or milk thats fine.If you want a big mac or two for lunch,go for it.If you want a think pizza with everything on it for dinner, be my guest.If you want apple pie and ice cream for dessert,thats ok with me.

  • Now that sounds like a lot doesnt it, and from the replies you have been getting from people saying you should tone down the freeday it is, well let me tell you that paragraph was taken right from the bodyforlife book written by Bill Phillips, and if anyone is an authority on the bodyforlife program it must be its creator ,right?

    Now where I think you should change is your thinking because you are only on the program 2 weeks, 2 weeks is nothing, this program is a lifestyle,true you may make a better change in 12 weeks if you tone down the freeday but you wont sustain it, the body simply cant sustain being in a caloric deficet forever, the more your in a deficet the more a hormone called leptin is diminished in the body which causes metabolism to slow down and hunger to go up

    There is another chapter in the book called focus on progress not perfection, people on this program really need to become more realistic of their goals , 15lbs of fatloss in 12 weeks is a fantastic rate of progress fro any women, women think they are victims when it comes to fatloss because they dont lose as much as men but in reality women cant lose more than men because they are smaller,in fact if a 150lb women loses 15lbs in 12 weeks its the same as a 250lbs man lose 25lbs because its 10% fat in each case.

    Lastly I would advise you to throw out the damn scale, and use other factors as tools of measurement such as how your clothes fit and how you feel

  • Usually that big loss is body fluids and then your weight will fluctuate.  This is why it is highly recommended you use a tape measure and pay attention to how your cloths fit you.  Weigh yourself every 3-4 weeks and then you'll see the difference.  WIth lifting weights you are sort of trading fat with muscle so you won't see much happening on the scale.

    Free day will do this...3 steps forward, 1 step back.  Be careful about your choices.  Consider a free meal rather than an entire free day.

    Check this out for inspiration mikeharris.org/.../lady-success-document-as-of-3-14-10.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I was reading your post and was excited to meet someone else from edmonton.  Where are you training?


  • Thank you for all your comments, suggestions and most of all support. Right now, the challenge at the moment is to make sure I am logging my food. I logged yesterday's and took a look at things up to date. Two days weren't logged but I know I was on plan but I honestly can't remember what I ate! lol..