• Well Im just finishing up my week 5 Im feelig great lost about 4 pounds and a little more than half an inch maybe an inch.

    I can see a difference in my belly ( my problem area) im sure no one can relate to that   lol

    Yesterday a lady at work said she sees a difference my first compliment . I can also see the difference




  • Great work!!! Doesn't  it feel good to see and feel the changes and then recieve confirmation when someone else notices? You are definitely on the right path. Week 5! You are  well on your way now. Keep pushing hard!!


  • Thanks I will.. though I am going to be training for a half marathon at the end of this month. I dont quiet know how to work that in this program. I will not give up my weight days otherwise Im not sure how to do the 3- 20 min cardios and my training any advice

  • I wouldn't be able to give any advice on marathon training and BFL. Sounds like a lot though. I am trying to reach 3 miles in 20 minutes for my HIIT but that doesn't conpare with a half marathon. Isn't that 13 miles? (or 20Kilometers here in Canada) I would think, however, in terms of BFL and depending on the results you are after, the important thing is HIIT and hitting your 10s. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on distance running will chime in.

    Best of luck with your marathon and the rest of your challenge.


  • thank you