Might take a good amount of heat for this question but...

  • Rosemary - I can only offer this as a caution: I completed the BFL program in 2006 right before Thanksgiving. I was so proud of myself and my results I decided to take a week off for Thanksgiving and go crazy on turkey and food. Well that week turned into a couple then all of December. Then I told myself I would start back up on BFL after Christmas. All that turned into 6 months before I knew it. I made a few attempts to get back onto BFL but without the passion I had for the first challenge. Well here it is more than 3 years later and it has taken this long to get refocused and renergized and I lost all that work and effort I put in on my first challenge. What did I loose? I lost my emotional trigger that started me on this journey. I am now back on BFL but "for LIFE" this time. I have my emotional trigger written on a piece of paper I now keep posted on my bathroom mirror. It refocuses me every morning and this lastest challenge has been going great.

    So long story short (too late, right) if your going to go on your cruise and not worry about the BFL program at all, post your emotional trigger some where so that you see it when you first get home from your cruise. Maybe that will help you avoid the same mistake I made.

    Good luck and hope your cruise is lots of fun!

  • Thanks for the words of wisdom!  My cruise isn't until May 15th but I stress over things like this forever.  Not really stress, but "think", "analyze", "attack".....

  • My concern I guess is the use of the word 'binge'...that can mean a lot of different things and is typically associated with an eating disorder. If by binge you mean eating tons and tons of food until you are physically sick...that's an issue. 

    If you are doing the BFL program but don't address the binging/relationship with food then you really are not experiencing a complete transformation. The emotional and mental aspects of the binging must be dealt with in some fashion.  



  • The responses you have received are very good...not much for me to add. I just want to encourage you to keep pressing on. Everyone is different and you must do what you have to do to be successful. All the best!!


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  • One thing I like to always keep in mind before and during any vacations that I take.  

    How many weeks will I have to work just to be where I am before I leave?  

    Over time, maybe not just yet in your challenges, the constant yo-yoing you refer to of 25 days clean 5 days binging will eventually bring a complete halt to your progress because your metabolism won't know if you are coming or going.  

    Eventually you will have to choose between toned down free expereinces or no progress.  That sounds very simplistic, but that's really going to be the turning point for you.  

    As long as you are making progress you can justify that behavior in your own mind.

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